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  • Coaching Calls
    Coaching Webinar Schedule & Registration

    Please login to see the schedule for ArchiCAD Coaching Program calls.

    If you’re not already a member of the Best Practices Course, click here for more info and to enroll.


    Please send in your questions for the calls to, or you may type them into the Questions panel in the GoToWebinar palette during the session. If you’d like to send me a file to review, please use Dropbox since many ArchiCAD project files are too large to email.

    Remember – I consider ALL questions to be good questions – whether beginner or advanced, simple or complex. As far as I’m concerned, the only “bad” question is the one that is not asked…

    You may watch sessions on your computer and simply listen through your computer speakers. However, If you’d like to talk with me during the call while I address your questions, please call in via phone (call-in numbers for many countries are provided) or use a headset on your computer – the built-in microphone and speaker often cause feedback issues. If you don’t use a headset regularly, I suggest you test yours out using Skype or a similar service before the coaching call to make sure you have the settings working properly.

    If you can’t attend live, you’ll be able to watch the recording in the member area later.

    Let us know how you feel... (14 comments so far)

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    1. WeldonAlexander
      8 years ago

      I an doing a full house remodel. There is a lot of demolition to be done. I wan to use demolition key notes on the demolition plan. How is this done in Archicad 20.

      • Eric Bobrow
        8 years ago

        Weldon – I’m not quite sure what you mean by “demolition key notes” in this context. If you simply want to place notes onto a demolition plan, you can use the text tool and set the text element to only show on that specific renovation filter. Select the element or elements you want to restrict to that filter, and then use the option in the Renovation palette in the upper right to “pin it” to that filter, so that the element(s) will not show on any other filter. Alternatively, create a set of key notes in a worksheet, and place a view of that worksheet onto the layout next to your demo plan. I hope this is helpful, let me know if you need more clarification.

    2. GlynJackson
      9 years ago

      Hello Bob
      I have ArchiCAD 19 Solo and I have not had the confidence yet to use it on a real project. I keep reverting back to my drawing board.
      My question is when I want to assemble the finished layout and elevations how can I get a good rendering and line work that has a small overlap on the corners to give a really crisp look? Is this possible?
      I also have SketchUp Pro and seem to be drawn to using that instead at the moment.

      • Eric Bobrow
        9 years ago

        Hi Glyn – Welcome to the Best Practices Course. Unfortunately, unlike SketchUp there is no option in ArchiCAD for overshooting corners to give the look that you desire. However there are settings to give you a rendered elevation with colors and shadows, and options to make foreground elements have more detail and distant elements have less. These are controlled in the Section or Elevation settings dialogs under the Model section and in the Marked Distant Area section.

        In future, instead of posting a question on this page, please send an email to That way I can add your question to the list of questions for the next coaching call, and demonstrate the options during the session.


    3. MarshallRossiter
      11 years ago

      My email from you letting me know about the webinar training today prompts me to sign in to register…? I do not se where to register. It’s just 9am so please send me an email letting me know what I should be looking for. I’ve had this same problem several times and have not got on to the session.

      • Eric Bobrow
        11 years ago

        Marshall –
        At the top of this page is a schedule for the Coaching Calls for the current month. You will see the date and time, and a registration link. Click that link which will take you to the GoToWebinar registration page, where you can fill in your name and email and be all set up for the call. If you do this ahead of time, you’ll get an email with the meeting URL. If you register at the time the call is starting or it is already underway, it will take you directly into the webinar session.
        In order to see the schedule and registration links at the top of this page, you need to be logged in to the website, just like when you are going to watch video lessons.

    4. JabbourKhoury
      11 years ago

      Hi Eric,
      I haven’t received any mail concerning New Coaching Calls (for October) or New Lessons. The last mail I received was on September 24. Have I missed something?
      On the other hand, when I go to the calls downloading page, I find that I can’t download the coaching call of September 24, 2013 because it is COMING SOON. Is it a problem with my browser or what else?
      NB: I have renewed my registration to the coaching calls program on the 21 of August 2013, and my Invoice # is 7564.

      • Eric Bobrow
        11 years ago

        Jabbour –

        This month there were several unusual projects and commitments that prevented me from focusing on the coaching program until today. I apologize for the delay in posting the schedule for coaching sessions and updating the Downloads page.

        I have just posted the schedule for our calls in the second half of October (see above) and edited the Downloads page to have the link for the September 24 recording.

        I will be turning my attention back to course development as well as the coaching program this coming week, so you can expect more training materials shortly.


    5. DanLawrence
      12 years ago

      Looking for 2013 Coaching Call Schedule

      • Eric Bobrow
        12 years ago

        Hi Dan –
        Welcome to the Best Practices Course!
        I will be announcing the January 2013 schedule in early January. You’ll receive it by email, and I will try to remember to post it here too (I often forget to add it to this page, sorry).

        • Eric Bobrow
          12 years ago

          I have just posted the January 2013 schedule on this page, and will send out an email to members early next week.

    6. Avatar photo
      12 years ago

      Hope all is well, I haven’t seen any announcements of Coaching Calls or New Lessons have I missed something, I’m having Best Practice Withdrawal…
      Ken Andrews

      • Eric Bobrow
        12 years ago

        Ken –
        I haven’t been posting the schedule here, as I originally intended to. The October 2012 schedule was just sent out earlier today. I will endeavor to keep this page up to date in future…