January – June 2011

Here are the coaching calls archived from the January through June 2011 time frame.

Explanation of how the phone works with webinar; Find & Select; Adding a ceiling in a dormer; Modeling concepts & related views; Pen Color & Line Weights; Title Management on Drawings Dragged Onto Sheets; Dimension for Working Units Explained; Why use gridlines?

Streamlining Layers; How to set interior elevations at the correct scale; How to show walls on a remote story with a dashed outline; Zone Stamps; How to change the default font for an entire project; Elevation settings; How to bring favorites in with their material attributes; How to change the proportion of texture such as on siding; How to create an arched top door that can be accessed in the objects window

3D Projection Settings – the North arrow vs Sun shadows; Import AutoCad detail sheets; Can you have multiple pen sets on one sheet?; Can each sheet have its own pen set for drawing vs plotting?; Getting rusty between uses of AC; F2 switch to plan vs view map to switch; How to control Lineweights in Interior Elevation View;Patching or cutting imported details; Interior Elevation Tool vs Elevation Tool; Stone Retaining Walls on Sloping Terrain; Sphere Object

LinkedIn Discussion – Using Auto Text with Detail Drawings; How to Create Very Detailed Features e.g. Towers & Recessed Arches; Changing Multiple Materials on an Object at Once; Changing Multiple Materials on an Object at Once; Placing a Smaller Niche Inside a Larger Niche; How to Handle the Appearance of a Detail on Plan

Update- Course Index; Course Web Address; Bringing in AutoCAD DWG Images as References; Bringing in AutoCAD DWG Images as References; The Elevation Tool & Creating a Single Elevation & Single Reference; Dimensioning to Rough Framing; Using Solid Element Operations & Use of Layers for Solid Operators; Sketch Rendering for Scaled Elevation

Warped surface “Eyebrow” dormer; Solution to eyebrow; Converting Slab to Library Object; Overview of the processes to create the warped roof: 1) Framing with the Beam Tool 2) Create warped roof with Mesh Tool; Multiple windows inset in complex wall; Import Revit and Sketch-Up Web details; Export to AutoCad; Dimensions: Model view vs Partial Structure

Signing Into The Course Website; News: Video Transcripts & Audio Versions Now Available; How To Create A Barrel Vault Roof; Splitting the Roof Using The Split Tool & An Arc; Splitting the Roof Using The Split Tool & An Arc; Printing Out Layer Settings for Study (Check Out The Layer Combination Table in the Master Template); Troubleshooting: Why Windows Would Show Up In 3D View, But Not In Plan View; Roof Elevation; Working With Sections; Story Height Markers & Managing When Stories Are Viewable (Including Dummy Stories) & Use of The Worksheet; Cadimage Products: Worth Purchasing?;Exporting & Importing Schedules

Possible to Set An Origin for a Fill For a Complex Profile (CP) ; What Do The Numbers Mean For the Depth Cue (in the Photo Rendering Settings Dialog Box); Starting a Project; Brief Comparison of Templates; Setting Up a Template; Importance of Layers When Migrating a Project; Organization Structure of Layers; Pen Sets

Adding Additional Stories for Framing Purposes; Adjusting An Object in Display To Affect Visible Lines (for Example a Cabinet’s Edges); How To Handle Remodels (Check out Aecbytes.com for: Four Ways To Handle Remodels & Additions); Using Older Details in Current File Via Hotlink; Bringing in Detached Outbuildings As Hotlinked Modules; Presentation Elevations; The Pros & Cons Binging Views From An Older Job Into A New Job. Best Solution: Copy Project In

Creating Detail Markers That Are Linked Properly to a Detail Created in Another View; Reducing the Scale & Removing Elements of a Floor Plan (For Perhaps a Key Plan); How To Get Resolutions Suitable For Very Large Printed Output (Discussed – Not Discussed); How to Show Doors & Windows as Simple Cut Outs in a Section; Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings & Showing Walls On Particular Settings; Pen Colors & The Printed Product

Configuring Your Work Environment; Using Complex Profiles to Create Brick Facing on Top of a CMU Wall; Ways to Use the ‘Picture’ Object; The Work Around for Complex Profiles in Graphisoft’s Start Edition; Solid Element Operations and visibility issue; How to create a Complex Profile with profile window cutout?; Recommendations for Complex Profile Add-Ons; Changing The Scale of Materials; Using the Profiler to Create a Wall Section That Depicts Wall Framing (Discussed – Not Demonstrated); Where to Place Jpegs &Tiffs in the Library Manager (Best to put in another library that is then loaded into ArchiCAD’s Library); Using Complex Profiles to Create Vertically Curved Walls That Windows Will Orient To In Regards To The Angling & Depth Relationship; The Line Tool’s Arrow Options

Migrating a Project; Getting New Library Parts; Using Spotlight or Window’s Search Command to Find Missing Objects; Brief Description of Zone Stamps & Intro to Zone Default Settings Dialog Box; How to Create Complex Shapes e.g. Japanese Style Pitched Roof

This special coaching call was held January 20, 2011 as a bonus for course members who submitted a comment on the site. Can Pages Be Used to Create Specs For Use in ArchiCAD? (There are good & bad points – the best? – no page size limit.); Showing Clerestory Windows Properly; Layer Categories & Intersections & Layer Intersection Priorities; Best Way To Use The Interactive Legend; Use of Additional Rendering Packages; Creating A Simple Rendering with Lightworks & Placing Directly on CDs; Rendering Script; How to Modify a ‘Single” Object e.g. Pentypes; Scale Factor of Renderings

Creating A New Project From An Old Project (A Pseudo Template); Complex Profiles – Description; When & Why You Might Open Another Instance of ArchiCAD; Scaling Imported DWG File; Placing Windows & Doors at Correct Height & Level; New Location of Story Settings Command; Edit Elements by Story; How to Resize a JPG or PDF; Publishing PDFs (Brief Answer); Updating Sheets in Layouts