Week #25 – Schedules, Quantities and Data

This module focuses on deriving data from the project file. We’ll be covering:

  1. Interactive Schedules – basic usage
  2. Interactive Schedules – additional options
  3. How to Set Door and Window IDs Quickly
  4. Label Elements Automatically
  5. Introduction to Quantity Take-offs

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In this ArchiCAD training lesson we study the basics of Interactive Schedules, which include Window and Door Schedules as well as listings of Fixtures and Furniture or other specialized object listings (e.g. Plumbing, Equipment, Lighting, etc.).

In this ArchiCAD training lesson we continue our exploration of Interactive Schedules, with 2D and 3D views, as well as grouping, sorting, data tabulation and splitting up of long schedules.

This 5 minute ArchiCAD training will teach you how to quickly set door and window IDs so that your elements are numbered appropriately for the interactive schedules.

In this ArchiCAD training lesson we finish up the study of Interactive Schedules with one last piece of the puzzle: including room locations for doors and windows. We also look at how to label elements in a way that automatically references their ID or describes their structure or components.

In this ArchiCAD training lesson we look at methods for producing quantity calculations based on your model. The most approachable tools for data tabulation are seen in the Project Map under the Schedules > Component section.

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