Week #6 – Save Your Favorite Settings

This week we’ll take a look at how you can save your settings for elements you use – for 3D as well as 2D components, and both generic elements and library parts.

Part 1 explores the concept of Favorites. This 11 minute video tutorial created last fall is a great introduction to the topic. The use of the Favorites palette is demonstrated, and options such as saving the Favorites for loading into another project or template are also shown.

Part 2 explores Favorites a bit further, and cover some of the more tricky and confusing aspects of managing the Favorites palette, including the migration of Favorites from one version of ArchiCAD to another, and into different project environments.

Part 3 explores the idea of saving and reusing room configurations or any group of elements that you might be able to bring in to a project to save time while designing. These configurations can be simply copied and pasted from another project. However, for optimum efficiency, frequently used groupings can be placed into a template file, or maintained in external Module or PLN files.

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This section explores the Favorites palette, a built-in option inside ArchiCAD to save the settings for frequently-used elements.

This section goes deeper into managing Favorites, including migration into new versions of ArchiCAD and different project environments.

My 11 minute video tutorial on Parameter Transfer is included with this week's lessons for your convenience.

My 11 minute video tutorial on Parameter Transfer is included with this week's lessons for your convenience.

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  1. AmyDowty
    6 years ago

    I wish your naming practices for your videos were consistent….so they would fall into order when downloading, without having to rename them all…..Example: Week01-Part1-VideoName.
    As ‘organized’ as everything else is…..this is quite surprising!

    • Eric Bobrow
      6 years ago

      Amy –
      I apologize for the inconsistency in my file naming conventions. I will address this in an upcoming overhaul of the website.

  2. Gerard Bolt
    7 years ago

    Hi Eric
    I’m having a lot of fun sharpening the tools. Such a great sense of accomplishment when things go smoother. It’s really half the work after following your pointers and great video content! Let’s toboggan!

    Gerd Bolt RSA

    • Eric
      7 years ago

      Gerd –
      Thanks for your enthusiastic feedback.
      Glad you’re enjoying the feeling of picking up speed!

  3. Earl Applegate
    7 years ago

    As a course member should we sign up (additionally) for the Basic Tutorial?
    Noticed the signup sheet.


    • Eric
      7 years ago

      Earl –
      It’s not necessary to sign up separately for the QuickStart Course. I plan to start creating it in April, and all current course members will have access. I’ll send out emails as I have new materials available.

  4. Marek
    8 years ago

    The tip was fantastic, simple presentation and it will stay in the scull forever. Thank you.