Week #9 – ArchiCAD’s Structure: The Navigator, Part 1 (Continued)

This week we’ll continue exploring ArchiCAD’s structure in relation to Layers, Layer Combinations, Views and the View Map.

Part 1 is a short 11 minute introduction to issues in layer management. When elements are placed on the wrong layer, they show up on the wrong drawings or are missing from the right ones. Moving elements from one layer to another may be done easily and efficiently with the techniques shown in this video.

Part 2 is a 19 minute lesson on other considerations in layer management. The QuickLayers palette is a great time-saver for various layer manipulations. In addition, this video looks at naming and category systems for layers and layer combinations.

Part 3 is a 15 minute study of Clone Folders, a powerful but misunderstood option in the View Map. Clone folders create Views automatically for a linked Project Map folder, applying a View Settings “style” automatically to every viewpoint in that folder.

Part 4 is a 14 minute lesson covering other advanced and miscellaneous options for Views, including zooms, 3D marquees etc.

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This 12 minute lesson looks at some common issues in managing layers.

This 19 minute lesson continues the study of layer management, and introduces the QuickLayer palette.

This 15 minute lesson examines Clone folders, a very powerful, but often misunderstood or ignored feature of the View Map.

This 14 minute lesson looks at some additional advanced and miscellaneous options for Views.

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  1. Avatar photo
    13 years ago

    Dear Eric,

    Seems that the link for the third lesson is incorrect and actually refers to the third video from week #8.

    • Eric
      13 years ago

      Roderick –
      Yes, that link is just a placeholder until I get that third piece for this week done.
      Sorry for the confusion…
      P.S. It’s coming soon!

      • Eric
        13 years ago

        This has been corrected, now that I’ve actually finished the third lesson and posted it.