Week #27 – Collaboration

This module focuses on the tools in ArchiCAD for collaboration inside the office using Teamwork and the BIM Server, as well as with consultants using IFC file exchange.

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In this ArchiCAD training lesson we start exploring Teamwork, ArchiCAD's built-in tool for sharing project files among multiple ArchiCAD users within an office.

In this ArchiCAD training lesson we go deeper into Teamwork processes and workflow.

In this ArchiCAD training lesson we explore how to set up and configure a BIM Server, the application that handles ArchiCAD file management, team communication and record-keeping for Teamwork projects.

In this ArchiCAD training lesson we explore how to collaborate with consultants by sharing your 3D ArchiCAD model via IFC file exchange.

In this ArchiCAD training lesson, guest lecturer Timothy Ball RIBA shares how to create specifications documents directly and automatically from information attached to building components in IFC data fields.

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