Week #14 – Navigation and Drafting Power Tips

This module teaches advanced methods for navigating around the project and for drafting and placing elements. I call these drafting techniques advanced not because they are hard to use, but because they’re more specialized power tools – you can get by without them, but will speed your work when you use them in the right context. The navigation shortcuts will help you jump quickly to specific areas of the project, and to control the viewing position more precisely.

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This 25 minute lesson explores advanced methods for working with coordinates and numeric input. These methods are not necessary for getting things done, but will speed up work when used in the appropriate context.

This 20 minute lesson explores the use of the Control Box, which provides convenient options for constraining the mouse to click specific locations or move along specified angles. The lesson also includes a section explaining the Work Environment controls related to Mouse Constraints and Guide Lines.

This 28 minute lesson shows how to use and control the Grid for sketching and precisely placing elements into your project.

This 33 minute lesson runs through many methods, shortcuts and tricks for jumping quickly to specific parts of a project, using the navigation area at the bottom left of each window effectively, and options for working with multiple windows and display screens.

This 29 minute lesson goes over basic and advanced options for controlling and managing the ArchiCAD 3D Window, choosing what you see, how you want to see it, and navigating in 3D efficiently.

This 20 minute lesson shows you a variety of ways to set and save precise 3D Viewpoints that you can return to whenever you wish, as well as 3D Views, which are Viewpoints associated with Layer Combinations and other attributes such as marquee selection cropping.

In this 63 minute lesson I share with you the best keyboard shortcuts and speed tricks to make your work go faster.

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