Week #30 – Managing Complexity

This module considers a variety of challenges you may face while working in ArchiCAD that fall under the general rubric of Managing Complexity. We study the calculation and management of Polygons, the most basic measure of geometric complexity for any 3D modeler, then focus on organizational relationships with detailed studies of modular design and multi-file integration.

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In this ArchiCAD training lesson we look at calculating and managing Polygons, the most basic measurement of the geometric complexity of 3D models.

In this ArchiCAD training lesson we look at modular design: the inclusion of modular assemblies (unit plans, floor plates, stairwells, etc.) that are inserted as repeated or linked instances inside a project or connecting two or more files.

In this ArchiCAD training lesson we look at more complex examples of modular design, including nested modules and reciprocal linking.

In this ArchiCAD training lesson we look at methods to manage multiple design schemes or options within one file or using multiple files.

In this ArchiCAD training lesson we look at interesting project visualization and presentation methods. These include Sun Studies as well as a few ways to overlay multiple images on top of each other to achieve sketchy effects or to indicate building materials or textures in an artistic fashion.

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