Week #19 – Renovation Projects

This module focuses on understanding the best ways to use ArchiCAD for renovation projects including remodels and additions. We’ll be covering:

  1. Using two separate PLN files for the existing and new designs
  2. Using horizontal or vertical displacement within a single PLN
  3. Using different layers and layer combinations
  4. Hotlinking the existing / as-built model into the new project file
  5. Renovation Tags and Filters in ArchiCAD 15 and later versions

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This 35 minute ArchiCAD training lesson explains how to manage a renovation project using two separate PLN files, one for the existing building, the other for the new design.

This 25 minute ArchiCAD training lesson shows how to study multiple versions or schemes by moving a copy of the model horizontally on plan or copying entire stories for reference and comparison.

In this 32 minute ArchiCAD training lesson we explore how to use layers and layer combinations to show and hide elements to produce Existing and New versions of a building design.

In this 28 minute ArchiCAD training lesson we study a method in which you hotlink the Existing building into a separate PLN file to create and document the New building design.

In this 74 minute ArchiCAD training lesson we start to explore how to use the new Renovation Tags and Filters, introduced into ArchiCAD 15, to create and document the New building design.

In this 71 minute ArchiCAD training lesson we continue our exploration of how to use the new Renovation Tags and Filters. This advanced lesson studies the limitations of the Renovation system, and proposes workarounds for these situations.

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