Week #3 – Get More Organized

This week we’re going to continue getting organized…

Part 1 uses a Mind Map diagram to explore the relationships of four concept areas within an ArchiCAD Project File:

  • Building Design / Geometry
  • Annotation / Description
  • Attributes / Definitions
  • Structure / Relationships

The first two of these are closely connected to the specific building in the project file, while the third and fourth are more general and should be retained and developed in a TPL or template file.

Part 2 finishes up our study of template files. It looks at two different approaches to Optimizing Your Template. One involves saving your most recent project PLN under a new name to start the next project, while the other approach is to merge in to your TPL the enhancements and additions from recent projects, improving the TPL each time.

Part 3 focuses on Library Management – the best approach for loading your libraries – the ArchiCAD standard library as well as a library for your office and possibly a library for your project. In addition, the option to save a project as a PLA archive file is discussed and contrasted with the new (as of ArchiCAD 13) option for embedding library parts into a project directly.

NOTE: The lesson on Library Management was earlier called Part 2, and has now been moved and renamed to be the final section for this week.

I look forward to reading your comments, questions and feedback!


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[DOWNLOAD] This 11 minute segment starts week #3: Get More Organized. A Mind Map shows four key concept areas in a project file; two are retained in templates.

[DOWNLOAD] This 23 minute segment examines strategies for optimizing your template TPL file over time, and contrasts this with saving a PLN under a new name.

[DOWNLOAD] This 21 minute segment looks at standard approaches to managing Libraries in a project.

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  1. JeffreyHunt
    12 years ago

    having trouble downloading this session. just kicks to a separate blank page. IE or Chrome same result.

    • Eric Bobrow
      12 years ago

      Jeffrey –
      Our online video library was reorganized recently, and the links changed. The actual lesson pages had the correct download links, but this Module overview page did not; I have now fixed these links. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  2. MichaelGrant
    13 years ago

    I am having trouble downloading some videos, while others download fine.

    For example, when I click the [DOWNLOAD] link for 2.Optimizing Your Template (above), it simply opens a new browser tab and begins streaming the video. This is true of some of the other videos as well

    Yet many other videos properly begin downloading into my computer, which is what I’m trying to do for all of your videos.

    It’s great to be back studying your course materials, after a long work hiatus!
    Michael Grant

    • Eric
      13 years ago

      Michael –
      Welcome back!
      Try right-clicking on the [DOWNLOAD] link and then choose Save Target As or Save Link As – it should allow you save the file to your hard drive. I’m not sure what the difference is between all of these links, but this usually makes it work just fine. Try it and let me know.

      • MichaelGrant
        13 years ago

        That works!
        Thanks for the speedy reply Eric.

  3. Xavier Palou
    14 years ago

    Good morning Eric,

    Please, when “Part 3” of this chapter – Get More Organized – will be posted ??

    • Eric
      14 years ago

      Xavier –
      I just posted it tonight.
      Sorry for the long delay.
      I hope you like it!

      • Xavier Palou
        14 years ago

        Thanks for your quick reply.

        I must tell you that I am “enjoying” the course a lot.

        Grande Eric !!