January – June 2011
Coaching Call – Jan. 20, 2011

This special coaching call on January 20, 2011 was offered as a free bonus to all members of the Best Practices Course who posted a comment on the website. The call ran for one hour 10 minutes, while the video is about 3 minutes shorter because of a technical difficulty around 20:50 into the recording.

Thank you for visiting the Best Practices Course website. The video lessons are available for members only. If you are an active member and would like to watch the ArchiCAD training video on this page, please login to the website. If you are not currently a member, please visit the following pages for more information and to sign up for the Best Practices Course, the QuickStart Course or for the Best Practices ArchiCAD Coaching Program. Eric Bobrow, Creator of the Best Practices Course
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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

Can Pages Be Used to Create Specs For Use in ArchiCAD?
(There are good & bad points – the best? – no page size limit.)
Showing Clerestory Windows Properly   0:06:36
Layer Categories & Intersections & Layer Intersection Priorities   0:19:43
  Extensions in Layer Settings Dialog Box Explained 0:25:11
  Using A Layers for A Particular View e.g. (U | Drawing  | Ceiling) 0:31:40
Best Way To Use The Interactive Legend   0:33:32
Use of Additional Rendering Packages   0:37:00
  Maxwell Rendering 0:39:14
Creating A Simple Rendering with Lightworks & Placing Directly on CDs   0:40:22
Rendering Script   0:48:07
How to Modify a ‘Single” Object e.g. Pentypes   0:53:32
  Using Find & Select 0:54:38
Scale Factor of Renderings   1:00:08

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – January 20, 2011

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  1. IgnacioGarcIa
    12 years ago

    Eric: Who can I download the coaching call set.
    Rather than one by one!!

    • Eric Bobrow
      12 years ago

      Ignacio –
      At this point, the Coaching Call videos are only downloadable from each individual page. I will have my assistant compile them into one page for ease of downloading at some point – I apologize that we haven’t done this already.

  2. Avatar photo
    Mariya Lilith
    13 years ago

    This is a really good video – every bit of it covered information useful to me. The only thing was the quality of the recording was a bit and it was difficult at times to make out what was said.

  3. James Satzinger
    13 years ago

    Is there a glossary of AC definitions like “Projected with Overhead”? I play around with settings like this sometimes successfully and sometimes with frustration.
    Also, the descriptive language from Hungary or Europe to us in other parts of the world are different and/or the spelling and terms are incorrect as we know them professionally. A list of terms as AC intends them would be helpful.

    • Eric
      13 years ago

      Jim –

      I don’t know of anywhere there is a collected glossary of terms. However, I’m sure that if you do a search in the ArchiCAD Reference Manual (available from the Help menu) or the ArchiCAD Help itself, you will find a concise explanation of Projected with Overhead as well as other terms used in popup menus or settings.

      I’d be happy to start putting together a list of terms that are spelled incorrectly or referred to differently than in standard professional usage. Perhaps you could send me (or post on the site in a comment) some of these terms that appear incorrect or out of place.