January – June 2011
Coaching Call – June 16, 2011
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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

Review of how questions are answered.   0:03:21
Review of how to interact with the webinar.   0:06:12
Streamlining Layers Streamlining Layers: To hide locked layers in layer list (Options>Work Environment>(check) Dialog Boxes and Palettes>Hide Locked Layers in Pop-Up Palettes 0:07:46
How to set interior elevations at the correct scale.   0:10:28
How to show walls on a remote story with a dashed outline.   0:16:00
  How to keep views from changing when moving between views: Settings>Ignore Zoom When Opening This View… 0:17:39
  How construction elements will be viewed on remote or multiple stories: Options>Project Preferences>Construction Elements 0:24:41
  Best way to see a particular element: Window>Palettes>Quick Layer Palettes 0:26:25
  Changing layer priority so elements won’t interact e.g. interior and exterior walls 0:27:14
  Model View Options… 0:28:28
  Creating new layer combination, model view combination & new view 0:30:15
  To copy, paste, explode, and add walls as line work: Edit>Reshape>Explode Into Current View> Keep drawing primitves only>Group>Place on appropriate layer 0:31:40
Zone Stamps   0:46:11
How to change the default font for an entire project   0:58:50
  Saving selected elements in ‘Favorites’ palette 1:03:37
Elevation settings   1:05:50
How to bring favorites in with their material attributes   1:09:32
How to change the proportion of texture such as on siding   1:16:10
How to create an arched top door that can be accessed in the objects window   1:21:29

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – June 16, 2011

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