January – June 2011
Coaching Call – May 26, 2011

Welcome to the Best Practices Course website. These ArchiCAD training coaching calls are held using GoToWebinar three times per month for course members, and recorded and posted for later viewing. If you are visiting as a guest, you will not be able to see most of the videos on this website, however I have made this one available for anyone to watch. Please check out the comment below by one of the course members, who wrote that the course, particularly the coaching calls, have been “literally life changing.”
Eric Bobrow

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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

3D Projection Settings – the North arrow vs Sun shadows   0:03:00
  3D Projection Settings – Sun Settings 0:05:12
  3D Window Setting – shadows in OpenGL in AC14 only 0:05:57
  Parallel Projection Settings – More Sun 0:06:40
  Project North and Set City dialogs 0:07:40
  Project Preferences: Levels and Project North 0:08:27
  Surveyor’s Measurements: Bearings 0:10:06
Import AutoCad detail sheets   0:17:37
  Plan view Detail Call Out to an imported detail 0:19:47
  Place *.Dwg via Place External Drawing 0:21:28
  Numbering details by layout sheet cells 0:23:30
  Placing detail reference on a view 0:24:36
  ArchiCAD Line weights vs AutoCad pen colors 0:27:53
Can you have multiple pen sets on one sheet? Yes, each drawing is associated to its own pen set and its own scale. 0:31:48
Can each sheet have its own pen set for drawing vs plotting? Yes, you can set pens for each sheet and for each drawing. 0:32:32
  Place a sheet of details with the Merge feature 0:33:44
  Editing an external detail in ArchiCAD, Place into Detail Window not on a layout 0:36:00
Getting rusty between uses of AC Record your aha moments, create cheat sheets 0:38:00
F2 switch to plan vs view map to switch   0:39:36
  The Quick Layers palette to control ad hoc views 0:42:00
How to control Lineweights in Interior Elevation View?   0:47:10
  What are settings of an element vs what are settings of a view? 0:48:38
  Hm, Lineweights did not change in 3D… 0:51:19
  Primary pen control is in the object itself, Secondary is in the Drawing Pen Set, Intermediate is in the View Pen Set 0:53:00
  Eyedropper in the Window Library, the Ctrl+Alt or Cmd+Alt technique 0:58:34
Patching or cutting imported details   1:04:34
Interior Elevation Tool vs Elevation Tool   1:05:24
Stone Retaining Walls on Sloping Terrain   1:14:14
  Spline Tool, more toolbox 1:17:28
  Custom Profile Wall 1:20:33
  Custom Profile Beam 1:24:07
  Model with Boulders 1:32:06
Sphere Object? Library Part, Sphere, Ellipsoid 1:38:06

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – May 26, 2011


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  1. Christopher Ellis
    13 years ago


    You and I spoke at length about the challenges of boulder retaining walls during this coaching call. You gave me (and lots of others, I’d bet) some great insights into how it might be done, and I think you may have solved the problem. I’ll keep you posted.

    I really enjoy your fearlessly exploratory style as you work through various solutions to a problem. You make it seem as though anything is possible. It is a pleasure to be taking your course. It has been literally life changing.

    Chris Ellis, Cape Cod, MA

    • Eric
      13 years ago

      Chris –
      Thanks for taking the time to write up how you feel about the course!
      I’m really happy to know that you are finding the process so transformative and enlightening.