January – June 2011
Coaching Call – April 28, 2011

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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

Announcement – Course Index Best Practices Course – Comprehensive Index now on Google Docs 0:00:19
  Description of the Index and uses 0:02:14
  Searching this Course Index 0:04:20
  Request for help to update and improve the Index 0:06:20
  Enounce MySpeed software for speed listening to videos 0:08:48
Warped surface “Eyebrow” dormer   0:12:40
  Image of the model with problem explained 0:14:17
  Picture of the existing eyebrow dormer 0:15:39
Solution to eyebrow   0:17:34
  Making a polyroof using the automatic roof tool 0:18:10
  Creating a basic version of the dormer 0:19:08
  Custom window / use slab tool 0:19:54
  Special snaps to add nodes 0:20:57
  Context sensitive guidelines 0:21:28
  Spline Tool to create the eyebrow window 0:22:58
  Pet palette to subtract shape from the slab 0:24:22
  Magic Wand Settings for curves 0:25:14
Converting Slab to Library Object   0:27:46
  3D projection Settings – Parallel Projection 0:28:02
  Save 3D Model as… 0:28:55
  Create non-rectangular Window opening in wall 0:31:06
  Change slab ID to Wallhole 0:31:40
  Show Selection (only) in 3D, the F5 shortcut. 0:38:35
  Fill tool and offset to edit complex shapes with Magic Wand 0:40:40
  Gravitate to Roof tool to place wall on roof plane 0:45:00
  Window in a “disappeared” wall trick 0:47:44
Overview of the processes to create the warped roof: 1) Framing with the Beam Tool 2) Create warped roof with Mesh Tool   0:49:14
  Framing with the Beam Tool 0:50:15
  Changing the Beam Slant Angle 0:53:56
  Drag multiple copies command 0:55:00
  Creating the warped surface with beams 0:55:48
  Mesh (as skin) Tool to create a Roof 0:56:51
  Modeling Tip: begin by creating a basic shape first and don’t worry about its exact location or size. 0:57:32
  Mesh points on mesh vs Mesh points on ref plane 1:00:15
  Multiple element adjust to line 1:01:42
  Truly warped Sod Roofs! 1:02:38
  Using Mesh to Roof Add-on to give the skin some thickness 1:05:32
  Goodies and ArchiCAD Downloads 1:06:36
  Create Roof from Mesh 1:18:54
Multiple windows inset in complex wall Too time consumming – how to improve? 1:33:30
  Window schedule criteria for “empty windows” 1:42:08
  Improved technique for band of windows 1:44:39
Import Revit and Sketch-Up Web details No easy or quick answers available 1:49:12
  IFC translations are no longer parametric. 1:53:38
Export to AutoCad   1:57:28
  Clean hatch-less export of wall: Model View 1:58:35
  Partial Structure Display 1:59:34
Dimensions: Model view vs Partial Structure   2:02:55

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call April 28, 2011

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