January – June 2012

These are the archived coaching sessions from January through June 2012.

Component or Block function in ArchiCAD?; Measured Stretch with marquee; Stretch or Trim multiple elements; Railings; Managing Library for Office and Home use; Copy a project started with generic template to a file with the Office Standard template; Intersection cleanup of sloped walls; Magic Wand; Mixed Window types – complex window; Text alignment in mirrored plans; Area reports; Zone Tool; Cut an Axonometric view with a marquee

How to add profiles to the Master Template (or to another file); Dragging a view from one layout to another; Manage enlarged plans vs text and dimensions; Install GDL labels in ArchiCAD; Install GDL labels in ArchiCAD; Default Label Action: Stretch vs Drag bounding box; Pipes without AC’s MEP modeler; Label with two leaders lines; Working with several houses in single project; How to use label without text?; Modify Wall comand; Composite Walls; Labeling windows and doors in Elevation view

Merge vs. cut and paste; Curved or circular text; Wood shingle siding with different colors and exposures; Can you make a suspended ceiling from a curtain wall; Complex roof structure

Controlling the drawing settings when bringing finished drawings onto the layout sheet; Using modeling tools to create cabinetry; Troubleshooting the dimensioning string when not showing; Troubleshooting: Text fonts not printing in publisher; Setting up materials to scale – rotating the materials direction and how to choose or set the materials origin

Layer reversal tool (quick layers palette); Articles@ www.bobrow.com; Updating views and setting pensets for a particular view that is to be put on a sheet; Align view; Description of the view cone and roll angle; Issue with the proportion of height and width in a rendering. Explanation of how to size an ArchiCAD rendering so it is the right size when placed in a photograph; Extending multiple beams or walls to a given point; How to bring in a dwg file into ArchiCAD at the right scale whilst keeping it editable

Creating multiple materials on varied surfaces of a complex profile; Buildings in a project that have different story heights; Scheduling and listing for several buildings in the same site; Pink ghosting and unselectable mass in 3d window; Sun studies; Problem of how to simulate continuous railings; Error messages in ArchiCAD

Using cover fills; Angle of rotation; Views onto layouts; Editing details; Publishing drawings to dwg; How to show different (historic time periods) phases; Walls with an inconsistent width; Problems with MAC Lion OS

Finding the true shape and dimensions of an octagonal roof; Editing ArchiCAD pen set; 2d window settings; 2d window settings; Schedules and scheme settings; Linking an image to a drawing on a sheet; Drawing a roof that is sloped in one direction, with roof sides not parallel to the walls. (so it appears to be sloped in two directions); Importing a dwg drawing that is editable

Updating your office template to a newer version of ArchiCAD; Finishing a plastered brick wall to a sloping roofline. And making an opening or entrance in this brick and plastered wall; Finishing a plastered brick wall to a sloping roofline. And making an opening or entrance in this brick and plastered wall; Quick overview on gutters; Making a movie

Window casing not displaying properly; Missing niche tool; Niche with rounded top and niches of elaborate shape; Transparent library parts; How to create an inclined ring; Creating an alter shape with the profile manager

A large church window needs to cross several stories and show on each individual storey in plan views; How to make a recessed large church window in an inset wall; Eric talks about his architect internet marketing programme and he says that there are still a few openings left; Question on automatic drawing layout ID and naming; Explanation of import blocks from dxf/dwg and save as title type; How to use imperial and metric units in the same project; Question on the ability to work with an imperial and metric library in the same project; Loading in beam profiles that comply to building codes; Reflected ceiling plans

Two different composite wall types not cleaning up when joined together; Custom wall profile issue – Reference line in wrong place so wall not cleaning up properly; Quick demonstration of the find and select tool; Does making many solid element operations slow ArchiCAD down; Issue with Lightworks – matching to the internal engine giving strange results; Issue with editing user made 2d symbols; Creating a roof that is thicker at one end than the other

Two meshes adjacent to each other that are separate but adjoining. Is there an easy way to align them in elevation to each other; Issue with walls cleaning up in plan, but their joining line showing in elevation and 3d, even though they have the same materials; Issues concerning cleaning up three way wall intersections; When user was in sections or elevations changing from “auto-rebuild model” to “drawing” he was having problems with unwanted fills being brought along and asked if there was a quick way of deleting these in a couple of clicks

Where are the controls that turn on window and door labels; Ways to deal with roof edges; Where to draw the pivot line when drawing roofs; Quick explanation about the different phases of the renovation filter; Printing out the trace reference; User has an issue with placing something into a location relative to another element; User has an issue with recreating before and after conditions in the renovation filter. Particulary with complex items such as roofs and meshes; Hotlinking a module

Ornamental gable wall front; Where to go to set up and save different ArchiCAD screen arrangements; Ornamental gable wall front cont’d. Eric demonstrates three different methods to achieve this; A gable wall projecting above a pitched roof; How to create a new pen set and how to switch it to all black for plotting

Arrowheads showing on walls and how to turn on/off wall and beam intersection clean up; Arrowheads showing on walls and how to turn on/off wall and beam intersection clean up; Joining together concrete curbs that are sloped and curved; How to draw plinth blocks and corner blocks on an architrave; When labeling objects is there a way of setting the label location in the elevation and section in the label default settings

Renovation tool – markers don’t seem to have the option of different status levels; he interior elevation tool; Eyedropper tool; Construction simulation; Teamwork; Framing tool