January – June 2012
Coaching Call – February 29, 2012
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  ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

Introduction   0:00:46
Creating multiple materials on varied surfaces of a complex profile Changing a standard fill wall to a composite fill wall 0:01:57
  To capture a profile that will open up in profile manager 0:02:27
  Editing a complex profile 0:06:47
  How to modify an edge material in a complex profile (custom edge settings) 0:09:00
  ArchiCAD only allows you to have one material on each side of an object. But there’s a work around and Eric demonstrates how this can be done. 0:09:59
Buildings in a project that have different story heights Start 0:18:50
  Archicad tip – If you are working with two buildings in the same project that aren’t structurally connected, it is often better to work with them in two different files and place their information into a single layout. This enables each file to have its own story height.  
  Eric demonstrates how the window anchor settings effect the position of the windows 0:28:10
  Eric explains how the floor plan cut plane works 0:31:42
  Eric explains a work around for the cut planes of windows in adjacent buildings (with different story heights) that are grouped together on a layout not showing correctly. 0:34:00
Scheduling and listing for several buildings in the same site Start 0:39:49
  Hotlinking (file>external content>place hotlinked module). Note: it is better to bring in the modules one story at a
time, so they keep their proper relationships within that particular building.
Pink ghosting and unselectable mass in 3d window Identify what the unselectable mass is by isolating layers or trial and error 3d selections. The pink ghosting occurs in ArchiCAD 15 and appears when “display the trimming body”, is switched on. The pink ghosting or trimming body when switched on signifies what the roof would trim below it (don’t forget the setting of either pivot line or contour line will also effect what is being trimmed below). 0:59:56
Sun studies Note: In older versions of ArchiCAD sun shadows only worked in the internal engine. However in recent versions of ArchiCAD sun shadows will also work in open GL 1:13:58
  How to move the sun’s position, set the quality of the sun and fix a location (country and city) and time of day for the sun  
  How to set the project north arrow 1:17:30
  Making views for different times of the day. Eric also demonstrates how to copy the shadows to scale from the live 3d view and paste them as static 2d graphics showing where the shadows are 1:19:31
  Archicad tip: When you paste multiple objects into a drawing, you may want to go to edit and undo the paste and then go to edit and click on redo. This will enable objects to come back into the drawing with selection handles. Thus enabling you to then put them all onto a layer or change other attributes about them  
Problem of how to simulate continuous railings ArchiCAD objects such as cylinders, cylinder shell and elbows can be used to create a model, if the library parts aren’t sufficient. Not mentioned in this tutorial, but perhaps applicable to this question is the profiler tool. This tool is excellent for producing railings or balusters of various shapes (the profiler tool is a free addon, and should not be confused with the complex profile tool). 1:30:17
Error messages in ArchiCAD Eric explains what error messages are and what might be causing them. 1:33:39

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – February 29, 2012

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