January – June 2012
Coaching Call – February 21, 2012
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ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

Introduction Coaching call starts at 0:01:00  
Layer reversal tool (quick layers palette) Explanation of quick layers – includes
how to quickly turn on/off or lock your selected layers and also how to hide or
lock all the layers that have not been selected
. Toggling layers this reverses your current selection so what you have hidden shows up
and vice versa
  Archicad tip – If you can’t see a particular element on a layer, bring up quick layers and use the toggle feature (see description above) to find the element. This saves going into the layer dialog box, finding the layer (possibly manually through trial and error if layer name is unknown) and turning the layer on. 0:05:05
Articles@ www.bobrow.com   0:06:53
Updating views and setting pensets for a
particular view that is to be put on a sheet
Start 0:09:20
  Overview of the drawing selection settings that set the update view to either auto or manual. Followed by an explanation of the possible motives behind choosing either of these options. 0:10:05
  Setting pen sets for a particular view that is being prepared for output. So you can work on your drawing in one pen set and print off your work in a different pen set style (e.g. like in AutoCAD you draw in coloured (colored) pens and usually you will print off in all monochrome) 0:12:59
Align view Start 0:20:10
  Brief explanation of the settings in the camera tool 0:20:30
  Description of what the align view tool is about 0:25:10
  Archicad tip – Use a hotspot to mark a place  
  Aligning views of existing photos or images with buildings in the digital world 0:28:54
  Using the 3d window settings to control how the 3d window is displayed. Eric describes how to render with an image in the background, and how if you use that image in a rendering you can also set it to be the background of your 3d view. You then move your 3d view around until you get a close match 0:44:15
  An important point to remember is that you need to put the image in the background of the photorendering settings. This is because you can’t put an image into the 3d window settings command 0:49:19
  Archicad tip – You can use the navigator preview dialog box in the 3d window to move the camera position. You can also go to view – 3d navigation extras – put a camera into the path and this will put a new camera into the floor plan at your current position. From here you have access to the precise movement controls of the camera settings dialogue box 0:50:28
Description of the view cone and roll angle Start 0:54:54
  Archicad tip – A key procedure is to synchronize proportions from the image with the 3d window and if possible resize the image in photoshop, so that it has the exact number of pixels as you are working with on screen 0:57:51
  Why resolution is more important than dpi in rendering 1:01:15
Issue with the proportion of height and width in a rendering. Explanation of how to size an ArchiCAD rendering so it is the right size when placed in a photograph The questioner had modelled a house in ArchiCAD. When the house was built he took a photo of the actual built house and its surroundings and then he tried to put into the photo an ArchiCAD model of the same house. This time with a new garage attached. He found that for some reason he could not make the model fit correct proportionally into the photograph 1:03:31
Extending multiple beams or walls to a given point The adjust command (walls, beams, lines and arcs work with this command) 1:09:05
How to bring in a dwg file into ArchiCAD at the
right scale whilst keeping it editable
Place an external drawing command (file>external content>place an external drawing), followed by description of how to turn off some of the dwg’s layers. This is achieved by right click on the drawing>drawing selection settings>properties>drawing’s own layers (only works in ArchiCAD 14 or higher) 1:11:52
  File special merge command 1:13:42
  Exploding into current view command. This will allow editing of the dwg
without bringing in all the layers from AutoCAD into your project

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – February 21, 2012


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