January – June 2012
Coaching Call – January 26, 2012
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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

How to add profiles to the Master Template (or to another file) Custom Profile: copy objects with their attributes from project to project, or copy into the Template file. 0:01:00
  Sidebar: Manage screen size display in ArchiCAD 0:04:34
Dragging a view from one layout to another   0:13:00
Manage enlarged plans vs text and dimensions Use views and layers to manage scale. 0:19:06
  TIP: Hide locked layers to see only layers of the combination 0:27:26
Install GDL labels in ArchiCAD Add GDL objects to the environment via: 1) the object tool dialog box, or 2) through the library manager. 0:30:24
Text setting that changes with scale Paper size vs model size (72 pts per inch/ALL CAPS) 0:41:49
Default Label Action: Stretch vs Drag bounding box Double click allows new label boundary to autostretch for any length text without line breaks 0:48:30
Pipes without AC’s MEP modeler Use complex profiles with beam, wall and column tools 0:58:48
Label with two leaders lines Use the polyline tool with arrow head option 1:05:27
Working with several houses in single project Keep each plan in separate PLN file, then create new file and place the house plans as Hotlinked Modules in the new file 1:09:30
How to use label without text? Place at least a single space to place the label 1:17:23
Modify Wall comand When to use invert direction, structure, reference line, etc? 1:19:50
Composite Walls Any advantage to creating the exterior vs interior at the top of the Composite structure dialog window? 1:27:35
Labeling windows and doors in Elevation view Two step process 1) >Settings dialog: >Listing and Labeling > Label Door.  2) Change Label Selection settings 1:32:23

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – January 26, 2012

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