January – June 2012
Coaching Call – February 16, 2012
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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

Controlling the drawing settings when bringing finished drawings onto the layout sheet.   0.02.50
  Dragging a drawing onto a layout sheet and changing the drawing title style. 0:03:55
  Quick adjust for title style 0:04:40
  Drawing settings for a specific drawing 0:05:09
  Drawing Default Settings 0:05:52
  Turning numeric scale bar on or off 0:06:30
  Drawing custom name 0:06:44
  Setting drawing default to “Name by View” 0:09:25
  Best Practice: Setting drawing default 0:10:10
Using modeling tools to create cabinetry   0:15:08
  Importing PDF drawings and placing into a worksheet. 0:17:40
  Description of what worksheets are. 0:19:14
  Synchronizing scale settings in the drawing and all views. 0:23:18
  Resizing the PDF to match the dimensions. 0:25:03
  Setting up virtual trace to see the worksheet PDF on the plan and start building the model. 0:27:17
  Setting up an interior elevation marker. 0:30:38
  How to set up interior elevation marker for either infinite or limited range. 0:35:58
  Picking a library cabinet and modifying its parameters. 0:40:40
  Using walls and slabs to create personalised cabinet doors and shelves 0:45:10
  Note!: Exclusive to Interior Elevations (Excluding view blocking walls): In Interior Elevation Selection Settings> Model Display> Exclude View Blocking Walls 0:48:05
  How to stack cabinet doors upon one another, whilst still showing as individual separated doors in the 3d window. 0:52:12
  Tip – for fast copying of elements– select all items to be moved. Click on one node, choose either horizontal or vertical move from the pop up palette. And as you move the elements press down the alt key on windows or the option key on the mac. 0:56:56
  The multiply command for making multiple shelves. 1:02:25
  Simulating a floor in 2d plan view with fills 1:07:55
Troubleshooting the dimensioning string when not showing   1:12:58
Troubleshooting:  Text fonts not printing in publisher   1:17:28
Setting up materials to scale – rotating the materials direction and how to choose or set the materials origin.   1:24:49
  Tip – most users will know that you can draw a marquee and right mouse click to the option “show marquee selection in 3d”. What a lot of users don’t realize is that this same button – if you select an object in 3d (no need to draw a marquee) and click on this option – you can show just this selected item in 3d. 1:27:50
  Changing the size of a material. 1:29:32
  Changing the material 3d texture’s origin point. 1:31:20
  Rotating the material texture’s direction. 1:31:45
  Setting the starting origin on a brickwork texture – so the brickwork coursing starts in the right position at a specific required point. 1:36:40
  Using a column as a temporary guide and snap point, for getting the start origin on some brick coursing in the precise position it was needed. 1:38:05

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – February 16, 2012


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  1. MaureenBoh
    12 years ago

    Eric, thank you so much for showing me how to do custom-made cabinets. I’ve googled for information on this topic but could find absolutely nothing. You’re priceless! Much appreciated. I hope others will benefit from this as well. I know other interior design students would also learn so much by watching this call.