January – June 2012
ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – June 20, 2012
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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

Renovation tool – markers don’t seem to have the option of different status levels The questioner in his drawings often shows existing and new elevations and sections, and thus needs two different markers. Eric advises that the caller should use the interior elevation marker, as opposed to cutting a section. The interior elevation marker has a few tricks up its sleeve, such as you can set it to ignore certain items that are in the way, e.g. walls that are blocking the view. 0:03:16
  Eric demonstrates how to set up the interior elevation marker 0:05:38
  There’re two ways to change the renovation status, one by using the renovation palette, and the other by opening up the settings and going into tags and categories 0:11:20
  Eric creates two views in the view map. These views show new and existing conditions. Although Eric was able to create views showing the different conditions, he wasn’t able to get the marker to change (drawing numbers) according to which view it was showing (both existing and new had the same drawing number). Therefore, at this moment in time two markers are still needed to ensure the documentation isn’t showing the same drawing number for existing and new conditions. A few of the callers comment on how they work around these issues, and Eric also goes through alternative ways of going about it (including creating a patch at 0:37:36, unfortunately, even this method failed to bring in the markers). 0:12:20
The interior elevation tool Before ArchiCAD 11 this tool wasn’t very good, but it has come on leaps and bounds since then. Eric does an overview on this particular tool and its settings. He discusses issues such as creating single and multiple views, and the marker settings. 0:44:01
Eyedropper tool Quick look at how it works. Eric, also shows how to change default settings on certain tools with the eyedropper. An example of this is changing a drawing title default settings using the eyedropper. Without the eyedropper you would have to set the drawing title settings manually. A point to remember is don’t eyedrop a “custom” title, as this involves manually updating every title on a layout, it is much better to eyedrop a “by view” title, as this updates automatically as you bring in a drawing. 0:52:48
Construction simulation Using construction simulation to show the different time lines of a building (note historic time line i.e. how the building changed through its lifetime). Note: this is a free download (or what ArchiCAD calls goodies) and needs to be installed from the ArchiCAD website. See link on the right (make sure you download the right version for your ArchiCAD). Because the downloads were taking a long time, it was decided to demonstrate the tool in another tutorial, although, Eric did take the time to explain what the tool is capable of in this tutorial. 0:59:35
Teamwork The user had been using teamwork in the office and wanted to now use teamwork in another location (home). Eric explains the principles in setting up teamwork outside the office (much of the information needed to do this is found on ArchiCADWIKI). If people are still having problems setting up, Eric is available to do it on a consultancy basis. 1:16:22
Framing tool Eric talks about the add-on encina objective tool. This tool can be purchased either through Eric, or directly through their website 1:29:27

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – June 20, 2012

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