January – June 2012
Coaching Call – January 18, 2012
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ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

Component or Block function in ArchiCAD? Answers: Custom Object and Hotlinked Module 0:02:44
  Custom Objects:  First Select elements, then > File >Libraries and Objects >Save Selection as… > , then provide a name 0:05:06
  Fix viewing and proportion issues with object 0:07:21
  Hotlinked Module: Select Elements, >File > External Content > Save Selection as Module.  You create an external MOD file. 0:11:54
  Update with hot link manager to see revised hotlinks 0:15:15
Measured Stretch with marquee Measured stretch with reference to remote point 0:19:31
Stretch or Trim multiple elements > Adjust command, keybd shortcut = Ctrl+- or Cmd+- (dash) 0:23:54
Railings Use object tool, use “find library parts” with Keyword box 0:25:31
Managing Library for Office and Home use >File > Libraries and Objects >Library Manager 0:27:50
Copy a project started with generic template to a file with the Office Standard template? Simple project & both templates have the same attributes: Copy and Paste 0:37:23
  2D information from elevations, worksheets, etc has to be copied individually 0:42:50
Intersection cleanup of sloped walls?   0:44:45
Magic Wand? Apply slab to a space defined by walls 0:48:12
  Create regular polygon with magic wand and circle tool 0:53:30
  Options > Project Preferences > Construction Elements > 3D Intersection Priorites 0:56:03
Mixed Window types – complex window ganging windows 0:59:00
  diamond muntin sashes or custom sashes 1:10:45
Text alignment in mirrored plans Anchor points control relationships 1:13:40
Area reports Program planning, Fill tool, Zone Tool 1:24:03
Zone Tool   1:25:53
Cut an Axonometric view with a marquee? >Save current view, to save the cut away view 1:29:26

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – January 18, 2012

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