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ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – April 25, 2012
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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

A large church window needs to cross several stories and show on each individual storey in plan views Start 0:02:37
  Go into the wall selection settings and change the show on stories setting from, “home story only”, “to show on all relevant stories”. 0:07:37
  Eric illustrates the, “make fills and zones transparent” feature in the trace and reference palette. This feature is useful when you want to see the trace reference more clearly. 0:08:24
How to make a recessed large church window in an inset wall Start 0:13:50
  The gothic arch opening and its parameters. When going through the parameters, Eric shows the setting that will make the top of the arch either rounded or pointed 0:15:23
  Eric puts a gothic arch opening into the thick wall. And then he puts a thin wall make up piece into the gothic arch opening. This make up piece is to afford the window a host. Finally, Eric puts a window into the gothic arch opening. An alternative method not shown in this tutorial is to use solid element operations for making the opening 0:16:30
Eric talks about his architect internet marketing programme and he says that there are still a few openings left   0:21:58
Question on automatic drawing layout ID and naming   0:23:19
  Eric talks about creating layouts in the layout book 0:23:28
  How to change the colour (color) of master items on layouts from red to a colour (color) of your choice 0:27:05
  How to set up a grid on a layout 0:28:45
  Explanation of categories, “drawing” and “layout” in autotext 0:29:45
Explanation of import blocks from dxf/dwg and save as title type Start 0:39:55
  Explanation of import blocks from dxf/dwg command 0:40:35
  Explanation of save as title type command 0:48:48
  How to use autotext with the save as title type command (this would be used to add automatically updating fields to the save as title type command). Note: although these fields can update automatically they aren’t parametric i.e. you can’t stretch lines etc. 0:51:50
How to use imperial and metric units in the same project Start 0:58:39
  How to use quick options to switch the dimension units between imperial and metric on the fly 1:05:12
  How to create two views in the same project – one using imperial units and the other view using metric units 1:05:38
  How to show both metric and imperial dimensions in the same drawing. 1:06:42
  Note: when showing metric and imperial dimensions in the same drawing; the converted dimension will need refreshing to update if a dimension is altered 1:08:24
Question on the ability to work with an imperial and metric library in the same project Start 1:10:15
Loading in beam profiles that comply to building codes Start 1:15:50
  Any beam profile can be loaded in that complies with building codes. (There are also options to choose a particular building code from a particular country) 1:17:30
Reflected ceiling plans Overview on creating reflected ceiling plans. Looking at model view options and layer combinations etc. 1:23:50

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – April 25, 2012

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