July – December 2011
Coaching Call – November 30, 2011
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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

Free 7 Keys Offer for colleagues and Friends   0:01:10
Post feed-back: Most web pages have a “submit comments” box below the video link 0:05:00
Feed-back on Quick Start Course    
Create Self-Updating Drawing Title Back referencing titles 0:07:03
Marquee Stretch Offset with reference to opposite end of element, use escape key to deselect elements prior to stretch 0:18:00
Beam intersection with wall: display issues Change beam’s fill, change beam priority, change wall priority, or change Layer Intersection Priority.  Note: wall priorities are even and beam priorities are odd numbers 0:25:30
  Use Object instead of beam to provide cover fill feature.  For example: the Cube in “Special Construction” library subfolder 0:38:40
Mouse scroll wheel >Work Environment >Advanced redraw options 0:44:04
Tab through Pet Palette choices? Shortcut keys: F or Shift + F. (think F for Flick) 0:47:34
Use Google searches remember to search Google for answers to your questions 0:48:00
Guideline segments and shortcuts Work Env >Shortcut Schemes > Keyboard shortcuts.  In MAC the double S icon shortcut is NOT available, create your own shortcut. 0:49:15
Forcing guidelines   0:55:10
Partial Fill display on elements Use separate fill or use linetypes.  EX: insulation linetype 0:57:10
User comment: use beam object vs beam tool reference to above issue of beam intersections and fill cover 0:59:19
User comment: InsulFill object InsulFill object has parameter for R value, also look at the detailer library for masonry and brick fills  
DWG: Export of fills? Use Model view to remove fills if appropriate 1:08:55
Beam Tool vs Beam Objects: Pro & Con the beam tool can have complex profile, tilt, rotate, clean up intersections.  The objects have cover fill and some other options 1:12:40
Partial structure display and dimensioning   1:16:54
Trace Reference: see through current Trace ref: to ghost current view to better see reference below. 1:27:30

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call –  November 30, 2011

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