July – December 2011
Coaching Call – December 22, 2011

The coaching call of December 22, 2011 had serious technical difficulties. My connection to the internet was interrupted for over 20 minutes, and after it was restored and the session continued, the computer that was recording it lost the connection to the audio.

At this point, I plan to recreate several of the interesting vignettes from the coaching call, and post them one at a time here on this page. The first one (posted below) answers a simple question from course member Fardin Ghodoussi on “how to design a new title block from scratch.” I plan to answer an interesting question about complex roof construction from Chris Hayes next, and will then decide which other topics from that call should be recorded again.

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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

New Layout – Master The Red Color:  > Options >Work Environment >User Preference Schemes > On-Screen Options >Use uniform color for master items on Layouts 0:00:39
Create new Master layout Right Click on any existing Master layout, choose “new master layout 0:01:33
  Using Autotext 0:04:07
Another way to create new master Drag existing Master + press Ctrl or Cmd: Creates new Master 0:05:30

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – December 22, 2011

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  1. RodneyDay
    12 years ago

    Hi Eric,
    Thank you for the detailed explanation of creating a bull nose awning. What I found most helpful was the four different ways in which you described to do this task, each having advantages and disadvantages, the one that worked for me in the end was using the profile tool. Bummer about the technical issues but hey I got to see the sun come up!!!! 🙂 and figured out how to do a bull nose + various other tricks.
    Thank You.
    Rod Day

    • Eric Bobrow
      12 years ago

      Rodney –
      I’m so glad you got up early to watch the demonstration live. It would have been very frustrating to answer your question and not have it recorded properly if you hadn’t been there!

  2. JohnAllan
    12 years ago

    Hello Eric,

    Just watched your excellent short presentation. It was concise and to the point and so clearly demonstrated I was able to apply the lesson immediately.

    Thank you very much, I look forward to the rest of the call in similar bite size format.

    John Allan.

    • Eric Bobrow
      12 years ago

      John –
      Thanks for the feedback. I will try to recreate the other segments of the coaching call, but it’s pretty time-consuming, so I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to create more of these “bite-size” pieces given that I have to prioritize the creation of new course lessons.

  3. FardinGhodoussi
    12 years ago

    Dear Eric,

    Thanks for the above information concerning title block, but I can not download this as the obtion button is not avaiable, please advise.


    • Eric Bobrow
      12 years ago

      Fardin –
      I adjusted the settings on this video, so the DOWNLOAD button is available. I apologize for the temporary inconvenience.