July – December 2011
Coaching Call – August 30, 2011
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One segment of the coaching call focused on how to transition Favorites from one version of ArchiCAD to a later version. I referred to an article that I wrote that was published in ArchiMAG magazine. Here is a PDF version of this article:

 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

How to reverse swing (in swing) a door panel yet keep the casing and threshold on the exterior.   0:02:25
Tip: to add more tools by removing tool labels (showing just icons!) Options>Work Environment>Toolbox>Tool Group Options> Show icon only 0:13:08
How to maintain favorites across projects.   0:17:10
How to pan with the current version of iMac mouse.   0:41:05
Adjusting the grid line.   0:48:28
Adding drawings to layout sheets & publishing.   0:56:39
Project Index in MasterTemplate   1:15:13

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – August 30, 2011

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  1. RalphHuff
    13 years ago

    Eric, I love the course and feel that it has helped me a lot. How do I access week 10 and beyond.


    • Eric
      13 years ago

      Ralph –

      I’m very glad to hear your feedback about how much you’ve been helped by the course.

      At this point, only weeks 1 through 9 have been completed. I am currently working on finishing up the QuickStart Course, then will resume work on the Best Practices Course materials starting with week #10. I am aiming to complete all work on the course in time for our first anniversary in November.

      I apologize for how long things are taking, but this is a huge project and I keep chipping away at it…I promise you that the wait will be worth it!