July – December 2011
Coaching Call – September 22, 2011

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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

News/Updates related to AC Best Practices   0:01:50
Corner windows   0:16:48
Hiding cameras from floor plan view   0:18:24
Correcting problem fills: Understanding AC Objects default fill, replacing attributes   0:24:14
Finding objects in ArchiCAD   0:35:30
How to access 3D components on a worksheet   0:42:15
Using the Renovation Palette in AC 15 Window>Palettes>Renovation 1:02:12
Migrating a project from an older version of MasterTemplate to a new version of MasterTemplate   1:14:25
Harnessing the power of Pen Sets   1:18:03
Problems with slow copy & paste in AC 15   1:25:00
Turning off grid in 3D view View>3D View Mode>Editing Plane Display 1:26:29
The best way to show tiling in a bathroom fitout   1:27:21
Creating a continuous interior view for a space any space other than a square   1:40:18

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – September 22, 2011

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  1. Mariya Lilith
    13 years ago

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for explaining tiling. This isn’t a question I had; however, I’m glad someone else did. I think you’ve answered any follow up question I might have had. Also, thank you for explaining the Renovation Palette in AC 15 (that was a biggy) and pen sets.

    • Eric Bobrow
      13 years ago

      Mariya –
      Thanks for your positive feedback.
      I appreciate that you have taken the time to post your comments here.

  2. Michael Pearce
    13 years ago


    How do I watch the recorded coaching calls? When I click on a date, the page tells me to sign up for the Archicad Training Course…….but I am already a member. Is it not recognizing me or ???

    • Eric
      13 years ago

      Michael –
      You should be able to view the recorded coaching calls, just like the other training lessons. Did you log in to the website? Perhaps you need to quit out of your browser and then go back to the site and log in fresh. Let me know if you continue to have problems with this.