July – December 2011

These are the archived coaching sessions from July through December 2011.

New Layout – Master; Create new Master layout; Another way to create new master

Annotating 3d Documents; Deleting the ground line in the footing; Showing TS Object (beam) with a dashed line; Some shortcuts; Creating filters & using the Renovation Filter; Elevation Selection Settings Modeling floors, walls & roofs so sections & structural plans are more accurately depicted & require less 2d work; Explanation of View Point vs. View; The difference between Rebuild & Rebuild From Model or Source View

Create Self-Updating Drawing Title; Marquee Stretch; Beam intersection with wall: display issues; Mouse scroll wheel; Tab through Pet Palette choices?; Use Google searches; Guideline segments and shortcuts; Forcing guidelines; Partial Fill display on elements; User comment: use beam object vs beam tool; User comment: InsulFill object; DWG: Export of fills?; Beam Tool vs Beam Objects: Pro & Con Partial structure display and dimensioning; Trace Reference: see through current

Showing just wall framing and just wall covering in different views; Best settings for tracker; Viewing 3D stair in upper level; Printing the trace reference; Creating a double pitch roof in AC15

Cursor/mouse constraints; Frameless windows; Create custom window; Create custom window; Displaying minimal space; ADA requirements and life safety; Display areas using fills; Display area and dimensions; Dual-screen setup: Auto-update 3D window?; Creating design schemes without re-modeling each time

Make Roof Dormer side walls that display in plan correctly; Making a module file; How do I add Consultant Sheets into Index?; Zone Tool: change measurement units; Adjusting shape of placed detail reference; Adjusting shape of placed detail reference; Place sloped wall under stair?

Indexing sheets from outside sources; Indexing sheets from outside sources; Roof Construction in AC 14 & AC 15; Why imported DWG Furniture files are so large; Rotating PDF or structure to match either / or; Aligning an AC model to a background image; Aligning an AC model to a background image; Indicating earth in sections

Setting up keyboard shortcut keys F1 – F12; Setting the angle of beams in elevation view; The Trace & Reference tool/palette; Accessing an installed/purchased font & implementing as the new default; Changing the spacing of a line; roubleshooting pocket door facing in AC 14; Creating a custom column; Interior/Exterior/& Adjoining Walls; Why using the Renovation Palette to indicate multiple schemes/versions isn’t possible & alternatives

Controlling wall line weight settings; Modifying a gable roof with differing heights on the two ends (with a steeper slope); Using the new Renovation tool to manage addenda & bulletins; How to log into The Best Practices site and view coaching calls; Tracker explanation and settings; Site Modeling with the Mesh Tool; Using views to designate phases; Creating a roof for an L-shaped upper floor

Corner windows; Hiding cameras from floor plan view; Correcting problem fills: Understanding AC Objects default fill, replacing attributes; Finding objects in ArchiCAD; How to access 3D components on a worksheet; Using the Renovation Palette in AC 15; Migrating a project from an older version of MasterTemplate to a new version of MasterTemplate; Harnessing the power of Pen Sets; Problems with slow copy & paste in AC 15; Turning off grid in 3D view; The best way to show tiling in a bathroom fitout; Creating a continuous interior view for a space any space other than a square

Detail drawings; Turning a topographical map into a 3d mesh; Creating a curved staircase under the soffit of a stair enclosure; How to model something that looks like a curtain walls using the Start Edition; BIMx (formerly VBE) & how to open it

How to reverse swing (in swing) a door panel yet keep the casing and threshold on the exterior; Tip: to add more tools by removing tool labels (showing just icons!); How to maintain favorites across projects; How to pan with the current version of iMac mouse; Adjusting the grid line; Adding drawings to layout sheets & publishing; Project Index in MasterTemplate

Working as a team in a small office; Using dropped ceilings and acoustical tiles; Help Tag Control; Controlling dialog box delay; Controlling 3d views in Mac & Windows; Turning off camera/s; Dashed window & door swing lines; Dimensioning to center line of a stud in a composite wall; Centering ceiling tiles to a room; Using renovation filters in AC15; Showing element status in schedule

Wall display: Outline vs. Symbolic; How Schedules work w/plans that have varying layer combinations; Creating layer combinations; How to keep the Navigation Palette open in ArchiCAD 15; Find & Select storing & exporting options; How to create a glass walled “window” bay area; How an object can be permanently changed; Saving PDFs with ArchiCAD’s Publisher; Loading Favorites; Using Enounce MySpeed

Changing cutting plane height permanently for view; About MEP Modeler & Manholes; How to where to shorten story level extension lines in elevation views; How to create the California rafter (flat rafter) and dormers; How to get rid of lines in stacked view elevations; Creating a simple tent shaped structure with framing pieces in ArchiCAD 15

Creating a path on a terrain mesh (flush); Path with 2″ profile above Mesh (raised); Create Window heads parallel to roof slope; MAC OS Lion issue; Migrate Project into AC15, including Master Template; Roof Wizard: Beams – I can’t see them; Can I space objects equidistant after placement