July – December 2011
Coaching Call – October 18, 2011
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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

Indexing sheets from outside sources   0:01:44
  Publishing Sets with user defined sheets 0:13:20
  Using the Magic Wand to quickly “place” walls 0:17:53
  Scaling and Splitting sheets 0:22:34
Multiplane Roofs in AC 15, creating & viewing options   0:24:44
Roof Construction in AC 14 & AC 15 Check QuickStart Course Module 4 0:34:01
Why imported DWG Furniture files are so large   0:36:12
Rotating PDF or structure to match either / or   0:45:22
  How to get a PDF scaled correctly when imported to AC 0:48:03
Aligning  an AC model to a background image   0:58:26
  1-click to rotate an angled structure to it’s original placement 1:00:24
  Creating a camera view / Placing a camera 1:00:41
Modeling foundations and footings   1:15:29
  Brief explanation on how to make the previous demonstration into a complex profile using: Design>Complex Profiles>Capture Profile of Selection… 1:25:53
Indicating earth in sections Check out the QuickStart Module 7, Part 2; & / or Eric’s video on Terrain Modeling and Solid Element Operations Design>Connect>Solid Element Operations… 1:34:13

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – October 18, 2011


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  1. Mariya Lilith
    12 years ago

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for answering the question involving how to align a model to an image (perhaps an image of the site)! There was a building I was working on in Manhattan and I wanted to show the updated building using the original picture as the background & this looks like it could work!

    I also found the information concerning creating foundations and footings helpful. You made it look so easy. When I saw your demonstration, I had to laugh. It’s refreshing to have an instructor intuitive enough to answer many follow up questions, often before we’ve thought to ask them.

    In addition, I’m very interested in the question Renata Harbison had about how to simplify an imported dwg file. I’d really like to see the follow up to this. This is a question I had a few months ago. ArchiCAD furniture objects are okay for an architectural project where the design of the building is the main focus. However, they are often too basic for an interior design project where I’m trying to show how actual furniture is going to look in a space.

    Thanks again for another excellent video.