July – December 2011
Coaching Call – July 21, 2011

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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

Creating a path on a terrain mesh (flush) Solid Element Operations: SEO 0:00:18
  Create the path: Spline tool for 2D shape, magic wand (spacebar), slab tool for 3d shape (0:06:16), SEO (0:07:03), SEO is in new sub-menu; “Connect” in AC-15 0:04:40
  Second SEO operation = subtraction, moving the path to new location on mesh 0:09:42
  Undo and repeat the process – just for teaching purposes 0:13:04
Path with 2″ profile above Mesh (raised) Copy Mesh, variations on the path theme include: color coding portions of the site/mesh for planting, easements, parking, lakes, etc. 0:21:42
  Road with cross slope on mesh? Cigraph Add-On: ArchiTerra – rules based road placement – but not engineering on site grades 0:24:00
Create Window heads parallel to roof slope? Special Window: Trapezoid and measure in elevation 0:38:30
MAC OS Lion issue Graphisoft does not recommend upgrades to Lion at this time 0:51:00
Migrate Project into AC15, including Master Template? “Consolidate” in AC15 will automatically replace the 14 library with the 14 migration library.  AC-15 will also automatically find all required migration libraries your project needs, back to AC11 0:55:13
  Hot Linked Files, relink the MT15 HLM in Hotlink Manager OR keep MT14 and update the parts yourself. 1:03:20
  Eric summarizes migrating to AC 15 & to MasterTemplate 15 1:08:00
  Save as: Archive, (Save files under separate name before migrating) 1:15:25
Roof Wizard: Beams – I can’t see them? Those elements go on a layer, check your layers. Turn on ALL Layers. 1:18:40
Can I space objects equidistant after placement? Select the objects, then use the Edit Menu > Align and then >Distribute 1:20:00

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – July 21, 2011

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