July – December 2011
Coaching Call – August 10, 2011
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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

Wall display: Outline vs. Symbolic Model View Options 0:06:25
  Cutting Planes (Discussed, not demonstrated) 0:09:55
  2 Stories w/no height difference (Discussed, not demonstrated) 0:10:25
How Schedules work w/plans that have varying layer combinations   0:12:25
Creating layer combinations   0:20:04
How to keep the Navigation Palette open in ArchiCAD 15   0:23:28
Find & Select storing & exporting options   0:27:17
How to create a glass walled “window” bay area   0:32:18
How an object can be permanently changed. Tinkering with GDL script 0:45:47
  Using parameter transfer with  “Favorites”: (for Mac: Command + Option) keys (for Windows: Ctrl +Alt) 0:55:48
Saving PDFs with ArchiCAD’s Publisher   1:04:18
Loading Favorites   1:12:00
  Finding Composites: Options>Element Attributes>Composites 1:12:48
  Exporting & Importing Favorites 1:14:41
  Using Attribute Manager to more comprehensively manage composite structures 1:21:50
Using Enounce MySpeed   1:28:00

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call –  August 10, 2011

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