July – December 2011
Coaching Call – December 14, 2011
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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

Annotating 3d Documents   0:00:33
  Creating a 3d view: Right click in 3d document>Capture Window for 3d Document 0:01:04
  Annotating; adding labels & dimensions 0:01:44
  To update a 3d drawing: Right click>Open 3d Source>(Make changes)>Redefine 3d Document 0:05:54
Deleting the ground line in the footing   0:07:59
Showing TS Object (beam) with a dashed line   0:09:26
Some shortcuts “W” to switch back & forth between last commands; “F” key to flick through pet pallet options; “Shift F” to flick backwards through options; to Go-To a specific view Right click & choose Go To 0:20:45
  To change or create shortcuts: Options>Work Environment> Keyboard Shortcuts; To view commands in order: while in Keyboard Shortcuts choose:: All Commands in Alphabetical Order in List drop down menu… 0:28:18
Creating filters & using the Renovation Filter   0:33:56
  Explanation of Renovation filters 0:37:09
  Using the Renovation palette to change the look of things: Window>Palette>Renovation 0:40:54
  Tip when editing Fills 0:44:25
  Using different stages for present & future construction 0:47:05
Elevation Selection Settings   0:53:56
Modeling floors, walls & roofs so sections & structural plans are more accurately depicted & require less 2d work   0:59:15
  Changing generic fills to a composite structure 1:05:50
  Profile walls in the Interactive Legends (from MasterTemplate) 1:08:07
  Complex profiles: Design> Complex Profiles> Profile Manager 1:10:39
Explanation of View Point vs. View   1:24:50
The difference between Rebuild & Rebuild From Model or Source View   1:25:35
  Creating a detail 1:27:12

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – December 14, 2011

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  1. JosephArchibald
    12 years ago

    Hi Eric:

    I have been going back over the coaching calls I missed and found a gem here from December. The last 30 minutes where you explain the Complex Profiles is worth the entire cost of the course. I was eagerly anticipating week 15 and the discussion of this concept; now I can experiment with it and perhaps come up with further questions that could be answered on future calls or in the course itself.

    Thank you for putting this together. The whole Best Practices course has made learning Archicad so much easier.

    Joe Archibald

  2. Avatar photo
    12 years ago

    Hi Eric,

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

    I’ve a question about the Cut-Away Axo View. How can I customize it? Isn’t there a command for a bounding box?


    • Eric Bobrow
      12 years ago

      Mariya –

      Thanks for your holiday wishes – yes, my wife and I had a sweet time with our son Ayden before he flew off to Ireland for 6 months of study abroad.

      With regard to your technical question, there is no command to customize this or adjust the bounding box. The best way to adjust it is to go back to the floor plan and draw a new marquee, then right-click and choose Show Selection/Marquee in 3D. This will show the new cut-away bounded by the marqueed area.

      After you’ve got the 3D window showing just the way you want it, you may right-click on the View in question in the View Map and choose View Settings. In that dialog, open up the 3D Only panel at the bottom, and click the checkbox to “Redefine Image Settings with current”. Click OK, and this View will now use the revised bounding box of the current marquee (as well as the current perspective or axo angle of view).


      • Avatar photo
        12 years ago

        Thank you!

  3. RajagopalaHathwar
    12 years ago

    Dear Erric,
    This question regarding material setting to elements. Draw a wall with different material( color,texture) . Normally we go for material setting dialog box to change or modify materials. It is not one time task to get the desired color or texture. 3 days back I found through using eye drop i can get same material in the dialog box for several trials. But eye drop recognizes only reference side material not other sides. If the material only one type in the elements then no problem. While setting material every time searching or remembering is very difficult. Please tell solution

  4. John
    12 years ago

    Aloha Eric,
    Great coaching session today. The part where you clearly explained and showed how to model walls and floors so the cut sections and elevations render properly was fantastic. This solves a lot of my problems and questions.
    The tip about how to drag something to a certain distance from (or past) a point or object is very, very helpful. The next day after the coaching session I used it all day to layout four options for a floor plan and it saved me a bunch of time. An that’s just in one day.
    I never expected this much improvement for the Best Practices Course and the Coaching Calls.
    This will help me to use ArchiCAD the way it is supposed to be used.
    Thank you very much,