July – December 2011
Coaching Call – October 27, 2011
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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

Q?: Make Roof Dormer side walls that display in plan correctly   0:06:20
  Sidebar:  Mod file – 1) clipboard copy or 2) “external content” 0:10:04
  Verify story setting heights when importing multi-story mod files 0:12:40
A: split dormer wall and place on other layer Make sure the other layer’s intersection priority is different 0:15:45
  Layer Intersection Priority: additional uses 0:20:30
  Trim wall to roof OR AC-15 option: Connect tool 0:25:24
Making a module file   0:34:50
  Trim vs SEO vs Connect debate 0:40:45
How do I add Consultant Sheets into Index? Create dummy (blank) sheets named per consultant data 0:44:20
  Change the Index order by creating new Layout Subsets. 0:46:40
  Index source view: Index Field, blank button is the sort key 0:50:35
  Include Consultant drawings as PDF into Layout Book 0:54:40
Zone Tool: change measurement units General discussion of Zones 0:57:27
  Change the area settings in Project Preferences 1:03:10
  Redefine preferences to make changes permanent 1:06:14
Adjusting shape of placed detail reference   1:10:50
  >On-screen View option >Marker Range + >View >Refresh >Rebuild from source view 1:17:48
Change Zone Text size and Zone color Zone selection settings 1:21:00
  >Options >Element Attributes >Zone category 1:24:00
Place sloped wall under stair?   1:26:27

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – October 27, 2011

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