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ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – March 27, 2014
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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

Roof clean-up. Custom profiles for a wall used as a roof element. Look at the problem element in 3D alone, select it and open “Edit Selected Complex Profile.” Look at the materials the composite element is made of and their priorities in the Profile Manager and pay attention to structural parts. You can also select your elements and move them away from the structure to see if they are joining with some other element. You can also make your roof elements on a different priority layer from your walls. Layer Intersection Groups number can be changed so that your elements are not on the same layer priority group and it should clean up. Also choose Core verses Finish for your materials to affect how they view in 3D. To clean up roof texture, you can change the texture origin. 0:04:18
Cabinets made from composite wall structures that should be interior are showing up on the exterior. Make sure it is NOT on the Wall Layer but on the fixtures cabinets layer, and make sure to turn off Auto Intersect before drawing the composite or change it after by turning it off when the wall is selected. Auto Intersect only affects elements as they are being drawn or edited. It will not affect other elements when turned on or off. Normally you want it turned on. You can also look at building materials and check your priorities. 0:39:08
How to clean up a complex profile. What is the difference between using a complex profile, a morph, and a shell to create a seamless roof and wall element? To clean up walls made from complex profile put them on different layers. To use a shell tool instead of complex profile, use the Detailed shell option, click a series of points. The difference between the shell and composite is that the shell is a membrane and a thickness. If you use the magic wand instead of tracing one side it will give you a hollow shape. You can extend the shell. To clean up shell corners Snap to Angle Bisector, then right click and Define Shell Contour. The contour tool cleans up joints better than the shell, but the shell has a clean wall and roof junction. 0:47:52
Complex profiles from one file to another. If you want to use a complex profile from a different project, you can copy and paste it into your new file and it will bring its attribute definition but it will also bring in layers so check that. 0:57:00
How shell connects with roof. Shell and roof are matched type elements. Select elements, right click, select Connect>Trim Elements to Roof/Shell and it will clean up. If you do the same with the complex element it does not trim properly to the roof/shell and eliminates the complex wall below below because it does not treat them equally as the shell and roof are. 1:24:37
Options for roof display In roof settings, if you select Floor Plan Display>Outlines Only it will show entire body as outline on home story and one above. If you change to Projected with Overhead then the cut-plane will affect the way the outline shows. You can change the cut-plane to a lower point, but the best way is to change to Outlines Only. 1:31:24
Options for returning skins for a wall to a window. Go to window settings>wall closure>select what type of wall you have and closure type. Make further edits here. 1:37:44


ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – March 27, 2014

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