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    ArchiCAD Coaching Program

    The ArchiCAD Coaching Program is a web-based learning community led by Eric Bobrow, internationally recognized authority on the software.

    • All members of the Best Practices Course get 6 months of access to the coaching program with course registration.
    • After six months, you may continue your membership in the coaching program on a month to month basis, or sign up for a 6 month or one year term. Please see the fee schedule below.
    • NOTE: You have lifetime access to the Best Practices Course lessons. Only the coaching program has a limited term and an ongoing fee.
    • Membership is open to any ARCHICAD user who would like my assistance with ARCHICAD-related questions. Support is provided by email, or during the live online group coaching sessions.

    Each month, there are two interactive webinars (usually 2 hours or more in length) in which Eric takes questions and creatively weaves answers that apply Best Practices principles to each challenge. No question is too simple or too advanced – all are welcome.

    Questions may be sent in advance via email, along with screen captures or other images illustrating the context. Actual project files may be submitted if needed to clarify the situation. Follow-up questions as well as additional topics are easily asked using the chat panel during the actual session.

    • Two sessions of 2+ hours offered each month
    • Submit questions ahead of time or during the session
    • Learn how to apply Best Practices principles in the actual context of your projects
    • Participate in the call “live” and/or watch the recorded version (as many times as you like)
    “Great Questions –
    Best 90 minutes of training I have ever had.”
    [Comment following coaching call]
    Robert Stensland, Dallas TX

    The coaching program has addressed literally hundreds of questions in depth. As of November 2016, over 175 sessions have been recorded and posted in the Best Practices Course member area, creating a library of over 300 hours of carefully indexed high quality training material.

    Course members are encouraged to continue in the Best Practices Coaching Program after the initial 6 month term to have access to expert help on virtually any aspect of using ArchiCAD.

    Get the Coaching You Need When You Need It

    Maintain your membership in the ArchiCAD Coaching Program and you’ll never have to “make do” because there’s no one there to help.

    Course members may stay in this invaluable coaching program on a monthly “pay-as-you-go” basis as well as by signing up for longer terms:

    • $47 per month, with no contract
    • $97 for a 3 month term (about $33 per month)
    • $297 for a one year term (about $25 per month)
    • For your convenience, your membership will be automatically renewed for a similar length term (charged to your credit card) unless you request cancellation

    To sign up for the ArchiCAD Coaching Program, pick the length of time you prefer, click the Sign Up Now button below, then follow through the standard shopping cart process.

    Choose Your Term and Sign Up for ArchiCAD Coaching!

    NOTE: Members who sign up at these special rates are guaranteed this pricing for life.
    It will never go up as long as you stay enrolled in the coaching program.

    “Great coaching session today.  The part where you clearly explained and showed how to model walls and floors so the cut sections and elevations render properly was fantastic.  This solves a lot of my problems and questions.

    The tip about how to drag something to a certain distance from (or past) a point or object is very, very helpful.  The next day after the coaching session I used it all day to layout four options for a floor plan and it saved me a bunch of time.  And that’s just in one day.

    I never expected this much improvement for the Best Practices Course and the Coaching Calls. This will help me to use ArchiCAD the way it is supposed to be used.”

    John Cassel, Haiku Hawaii