Coaching Call Index

A searchable index of all the Coaching Calls is maintained by volunteer course members in a Google Docs spreadsheet that is embedded on this page. Relevant excerpts of the index are copied to each coaching call page for easy reference.

To find where a particular topic has been discussed, and evaluate whether it might be useful to answer a particular challenge you are facing, use the Find command in your browser (usually accessible using a Command-F or Control-F keyboard shortcut) to search for words or phrases such as “roof” or “trace” or “complex profile”. You will see where these topics have come up during a coaching session, along with a brief description of what was demonstrated or explained.

If you’d like to contribute to the indexing project, which aims to provide usable descriptions of each topic covered in the video materials, please email me at Basically, if you like taking notes on the video lessons for later reference, and are willing to share them, you can have permission to integrate them into the course index.

NOTE: The spreadsheet has more information than you can easily see in this window. You may open the Google Docs spreadsheet directly if you wish.