January – June 2013
ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – May 14, 2013
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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – May 14, 2013

How much can interior elevations be automated? Eric describes how the interior elevation marker works and how to use some of its settings. If you want the marker range lines to be hidden go to – view>on screen view options>marker range. Eric then shows how to have the interior elevation marker automatically pick up the name and ID from the zone (you would of course first need a zone set up) 0:02:55
Setting project north To set project north go to options>project preferences>project location – from here you can either type in your coordinates or set the angle that you want. In earlier versions of ArchiCAD you would need to go to – view>3d view options>3d projection settings>more sun – to set the position of the north arrow. More recent versions of ArchiCAD also allow you to set project north on the fly, go to – options>project preferences>set project north – when you select this option a little north arrow appears on the screen in plan view and you can set the arrow to what position you want. 0:13:26
How to reduce the amount of information the interior elevation marker shows 0:16:50
How to drag multiple drawings onto a layout at a time and have ArchiCAD space them for you automatically Recent ArchiCAD versions (Eric thinks around ArchiCAD 13) allow you to drag a whole group of drawings at a time and have them array neatly. There are settings in the master layout settings where you can set up the margins and distances that you want, go to – master layout settings>drawing placement>auto arrange set up.. 0:22:00
When you have to put your drawings on two different sheets and you want to know how to number your drawings sequentially and not have the number count start over on the next sheet Go to – layout settings>ID’s of drawings on this layout>continue drawing ID sequence from previous layout 0:26:50
How to make the zone tool go to the center line of the wall Eric says this can be useful when you are doing reports for areas for rental. Eric also says that he has noticed some problems with this tool being reliable, so be aware if you choose to use this function 0:33:24
Is there a way to take project north and automatically add it to a plan title bubble? The caller wanted to add project north automatically to a layout sheet. Yes, it is possible to do this. Click on and open “object”, and in the search engine type in north. Pick the north symbol that you want (if you don’t like the graphic choose a different one in the north symbol object general settings). In the general settings check “follow project north”. Now, all you have to do is click anywhere on the plan or layout, and it will place a north symbol (in the correct orientation). 0:39:22
Issue with window labels not showing on the main floor A caller had sent in a drawing and wanted to know why this was happening. The caller was using a window from an older ArhiCAD version (ArchiCAD 9), that wasn’t the issue in this case though. To solve the problem Eric went to – document>set model view>model view options>construction>options for construction elements>windows>with markers. 0:42:42
How to set up and store a particular model view option Very brief explanation on how to go about setting a user defined option up. 0:45:50
In the renovation filter – how to show as demolished a bit of wall beneath windows that are to become doorways None of the filters available let you see the door and window together, so Eric shows how to create a new renovation filter that will show all three of them with an override that will allow you to see all of them in different colors/colours. 0:49:33
Discussion on strategies of using the renovation filter with different phases of construction This discussion lasts until around 1:12:00. 0:55:55
A quick way to rename every file (folders and subfolders) in one go A lady caller said she has bought some software (called “a better file rename”) that enables you to rename one file and then apply this to every other file in the folder. So, for example you have files in a folder saying plan, elevation, section etc. you could put the particular job title name in one of these files and then apply to all. Without this utility you have to copy and paste the title into every file. 1:14:14
How to show roofs as either solid or wireframe with just one button click 1:18:50
Is it possible to have window and door markers show on exterior elevations? Yes, it is and Eric has made a video on this, it is available on his youtube channel. The tutorial is named “how to label elements automatically”. See link on the right. 1:23:34
Lines missing when putting plans and elevations onto layout sheets The caller was copying and pasting instead of dragging his drawings onto a layout, and this was the reason why some lines were missing. 1:26:46
Explanation of what the update function in the layout does 1:30:05
Explanation about the pop up window “open up with exclusive access”. Of what it does and why it pops up. 1:31:57
How to use hotlinks for repetitive units such as in appartments and offices (hotlinks are a little bit like blocks in AutoCAD) To do this select what you want to turn into a hotlink and go to – file>external content>save selection as a module and to place the hotlink into a drawing go to – file>external content>place hotlinked module>choose hotlinked module 1:40:18
How to bring back a deleated view in a clone folder 1:52:48
Brief explanation on the best way to draw suspended ceiling plans 1:59:23

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