July – December 2012
ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – July 19, 2012
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 ArchiCAD Training Session Notes

In the layout book menu, is there a way of putting master sheets in a sub-set folder? Unfortunately when you point at something in the masters area there is no option for organization. As a work around you could consider alphabetizing the masters list (it is also a good idea to move the ones you use least to the bottom of the masters list). If your masters list is still too long, you may like to consider deleting the ones you don’t need, and importing them back from another project as you need them. Eric demonstrates how to do this at time 0:09:10 0:01:34
Eric shows how to get back to a standard palette set up If you have messed with your screen set-up and find yourself wanting to get back to a standard set-up this is the procedure to follow. 0:02:39
Using the organizer to bring in a layout or view from another project into your current project. This is useful on a complex multi-building project. You could maintain the basic design model for building (a) in one file, another file for building (b), and perhaps in a third file you might have a site plan, and you might want to bring into the site plan layout book, the layouts for buildings (a) and (b). 0:12:40
The best practice for group, ungroup, autogroup and suspend groups   0:14:40
Magic wand settings How to create various polygonal wall shapes using the magic wand 0:24:20
Can you delete layouts that are part of a clone folder without losing the rest of the clone layouts Eric demonstrates how to create a clone folder, and shows what happens when you delete part of a clone folder. You can’t delete just a part of a clone folder, but you can change the title of any views that you no longer need, to something such as N/A (not applicable). This highlights what views in a project that you no longer need. 0:31:06
How to find and replace text in a drawing If you have a or many miss-spelt words, or you have say text in a drawing that for an example says 2×4, and you want to change all the instances to 2×6, then use this option. Search and replace appears to be useful when many text items need changing at once, but if just one or two items need changing and you know where they are on the drawing then it would probably be quicker to do it manually. 0:45:45
How do you create a sketch rendered view that will automatically appear in a layout set. Eric shows how to create a view, and he then changes the settings of the view from the 3d window to the photorendering window. This will enable the view to automatically render every time it is clicked on (with the current photorendering settings). If you have updated the 3d model and you now want to update your created view, all you have to do is click on the green update button in the navigator. 0:58:11
What is the best way to demolish a roof plane or slope and proceed with alteration by adding the roof of an extension or addition Eric first demonstrates how to set up the renovation filter correctly. He then puts the original roof on existing status, and draws the new roof shape and puts it on planned status. The extension building causes the roof shape to change considerably, and it is best to view the recording to see how Eric gets around the difficulties. 1:10:50
How do you change a penset in a layout The caller explained the quick options palette was greyed out, so it wasn’t possible to change the pensets from here. Eric explained that is possible to change the penset by going to document>pensets>pens and colors. 1:25:00
Can a 3d document be a hidden line drawing rather than a shaded drawing Eric first demonstrates how to create a 3d document. It is possible to make alterations in a 3d document, but it is not possible to rotate the view. Eric then shows how to dimension the document. Unfortunately it is not possible to create a 3d document with a hidden line drawing (not true, see July 25th coaching call below). Eric did try, and used open GL and the internal engine, but both failed to work. There may be a sort of a work around, and this would involve changing the materials of elements. For speed Eric recommends using the attribute manager. Eric has made a video about changing material schemes and put it on YouTube (see link to the right) 1:33:29
Demonstration of the editing plane that appears in the 3d window of ArchiCAD 15 and 16   1:44:35

ArchiCAD Training – Coaching Call – July 19, 2012

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