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Here is an outline of the Best Practices Course - subject to change, of course!
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    Coaching Call Downloads

    Coaching Call Downloads

    You may download the Coaching Call videos by RIGHT-clicking on the DOWNLOAD links below.

    Thank you for visiting the Best Practices Course website. The video lessons are available for members only. If you are an active member and would like to watch the ArchiCAD training video on this page, please login to the website. If you are not currently a member, please visit the following pages for more information and to sign up for the Best Practices Course, the QuickStart Course or for the Best Practices ArchiCAD Coaching Program. Eric Bobrow, Creator of the Best Practices Course

    Copyright 2011 – Eric Bobrow

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    1. JabbourKhoury
      10 years ago

      Hi Eric,
      What is the problem with the Coaching Call Of April 28, 2011? It is impossible to download it or play it.

      • Eric Bobrow
        10 years ago

        Jabbour – Thank you for letting me know about the problem with the download link for the April 28, 2011 coaching call. I have re-uploaded the file and the download link now works properly. I have also made sure the video shows properly on the actual coaching call page.

    2. narin
      10 years ago


      Why do you say in your email that this video is available for non members and on this page say its for members only.

      Been so appreciative of your tuts on Youtube. But this is disappointing.

      • Eric Bobrow
        10 years ago

        Narin –

        You may watch the Coaching Call on ArchiCAD 17 that was held on July 10 by visiting that lesson page in your web browser:

        Downloads of the video lessons are only available for full members of the Best Practices Course and active members of the ArchiCAD Coaching Program.

        I’m glad you have been appreciating my free tutorials on YouTube. I share what I can for free, but make my living by producing ArchiCAD training materials for paying members. I’m sorry you are disappointed, and hope that at some point you may join our community and become a full member of the Best Practices Course!