In mid-December I announced a contest to encourage members of the Best Practices Course to add comments, feedback and questions on the website pages. We received dozens of submissions, and a number of them were quite noteworthy in terms of length, depth and/or passion. I have picked seven of my personal favorites, and am reposting them here on this page.

Thank you for your help and your participation. As promised, everyone who submitted a comment on the website will be invited to participate in a special bonus Q&A session in mid-January. Those who cannot attend will be given access to the recording.

Please help me decide which one of these 7 comments below is the winner! Simply read or skim through these posts and give them a rating from 1 to 10.

When we have enough rankings, I’ll close the contest and award the iPod Nano or one hour of consulting services to the person who submitted that comment.

Please make sure to scroll to the very bottom of the survey and

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