Week #21 – Creating and Customizing Library Parts
21-6. Custom Door Panels & Window Sashes

ArchiCAD Training (Best Practices Lesson 21-6)

This 23 minute ArchiCAD training will teach you how to create your own custom door panels and window sashes.

The basics are pretty simple: model the door panel or window sash as if they were laying on the ground (with the bottom at Project 0 elevation), then select the elements and use the File menu > Libraries and Objects > Save Selection As… command. Select the appropriate option: in ArchiCAD 16 choose Door Leaf [Panel] or Window Sash. There are many items in this submenu, including object, door or window; for this exercise, do not save as a door or window, instead choose door leaf or window sash.

NOTE: In earlier versions, the command to save a new door panel or window sash was separate from the one to create a new object, door or window. It used to be called “Save As Custom Component”; after selecting that command, in a separate step choose Door Panel, or Window Panel or Sash.

After you name the custom component (door panel or window sash) and save it, you will be able to select it in the door or window settings dialog under the Panel section, after switching from one of the standard panel or sash options to Custom Panel.

While creating a custom panel is fairly simple, I recommend that you look at the standard panels and sash options to see if any of them are close enough to what you need, since they will be quicker to install. Some panels and sashes have quite a bit of flexibility, and can be reconfigured parametrically.

In the lesson, I demonstrate how to use the H-V Custom Grid option for the window sash, which allows you to create a grid of glazing bars that can be moved around using editable hotspots in either 3D or in an Elevation. This is quite powerful, and fairly simple to work with. Be careful, however, to choose the number of glazing bars and the size of the window before spending time editing their positions, as the custom arrangement will reset if you alter the window size or the number of bars.

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ArchiCAD Training: Custom Door Panels & Window Sashes

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    9 years ago

    I see now how to customize door and window panels (21-6). Is it possible to customize the the casing in the door and window tool?