Week #17 – Complex Modeling
17-1. Solid Element Operations

ArchiCAD Training (Best Practices Lesson 17-1)

In this ArchiCAD training we look at the fascinating topic of Solid Element Operations (also known as SEO). Originally introduced in ArchiCAD 8, it has not changed much because it is so powerful and versatile.

In ArchiCAD 15, a new feature, the Connection grip and popup menu, simplifies management of the connection relationships between elements. This was added as part of the development of the new Shell tool and multi-level Roof and their associated Connect command.

This 33 minute lesson shows how to work with SEO in ArchiCAD 13 (which applies to versions 8 and above) and then a few of the differences are shown that relate to ArchiCAD 15 and above.

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I will be posting here additional materials related to this topic.

Here is a copy of one of my video tutorials from YouTube that is closely related to this topic.

Here is a link to my original AECbytes ArchiCAD tips and tricks article on SEO from 2006 (reposted on my Bobrow Blog site):

ArchiCAD Tutorial | Solid Element Operations in ArchiCAD 10


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ArchiCAD Training: Solid Element Operations

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  1. JohnDavidRulon
    11 years ago

    Hi Eric,
    Do you have a video that deals with the Morph tool specifically?

    • Eric Bobrow
      11 years ago

      David –
      I do not have a video for the Morph tool yet.
      Coming soon…

  2. Dan Lawrence
    11 years ago

    Excellent, I do not understand why Archicad Rep could not explain this in a few minutes.

    One problem I have with Archicad is that some of their models are restricted. By this, I mean that you can not alter them beyond a certain point or they will freeze up your model.

    An Example would be a fireplace that you want to use to conform to one that you are specing for a client right from a catoluge.

    another example would be a sport model such as a basketball plan. Some of us might just like to use a half court. We have to model it ourselves and can not even use the Archicad backboard and basket.

    Is there a way around this? Do you have a sesion on this?

    I figured out how to put painted lines on the floor, just make the paint appear on top of floor with a minimum thickness, such as in a real situation.


    See you Thursday.

  3. Dave Herman
    11 years ago

    Excellent tutorial Eric. I am as usual impressed how you are able to deliver in such a succinct yet comprehensive way the workings of ArchiCAD. I especially was interested in the last section where you used the intersection operation with the path – so easy but I had never thought of it myself, usually duplicating the mesh, making it another path like material then laboriously editing the path. Your method is so much more elegant & simple.Thank you.