Week #4 – Library Management & Migrating Projects
4-2. ArchiCAD 13 – Library Management & Migrating A Project

ArchiCAD Training (Best Practices Lesson 4-2)

This 24 minute segment on Library Management is the second part of week #4.

The Library Manager in ArchiCAD 13 looks rather different than previous versions. It does not have a Local/LAN or History Tab, and it gives different feedback when library issues exist. This segment demonstrates how to work with this Library Manager, then moves on to show how a project is migrated from one ArchiCAD version to another.

When the project is migrated, one can simply open it in the new version of ArchiCAD and continue to use the previous libraries. However, it is often desirable and straightforward to start using the new library, particularly when a project is in the early to mid stages and will be worked on for a long time.

Two approaches to migrating to a newer library are demonstrated: one involves simply loading the new library along with a special “Migration” or “Subset” version of the earlier library; the other starts with this step but then involves manual substitution of library parts.

To simplify the substitution, a process is shown that involves the use of the “syringe” tool within the library part window, a process known as “parameter transfer”. For a more extended demonstration of this concept, please see my ArchiCAD Video Tip called The Magic of Parameter Transfer or my earlier Cadalyst article on the same topic.

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ArchiCAD Training:  Library Management & Migrating A Project

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  1. James Satzinger
    13 years ago

    It sure would be easier to experience the course if the window were larger-somewhere between the existing small window and the full screen option.

    • Eric
      13 years ago

      James –
      Thanks for your comment.
      In some cases, I have recorded the video at a higher resolution than what you see onscreen. To see it at it’s native resolution, use the Download link for the video then open it up in QuickTime or another video player.
      I’m going to try to recording some of the course at a higher resolution (1420 x 800, which is twice the 710 x 400 resolution of the videos on the course website) so you can see things better when you do this.