Week #2 – Get Organized
2-2. Create A Project Template (TPL) File

ArchiCAD Training (Best Practices Lesson 2-2)

This 20 minute segment is the second part of week #2: Get Organized.

This training module teaches how to create a project template file, often known as a TPL file. This is a special file type that is often used by ArchiCAD to start a new PLN file. In fact, a TPL file is really just a PLN file with a different file extension that signals to ArchiCAD to create an untitled copy of the file when you open it.

A template saves you time when starting a new project, since it can retain your preferred View Map and Layout Book information and structure. You can create a TPL file from any of your project PLN files – this segment of training shows you how.

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ArchiCAD Training: Create A Project Template (TPL) File



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  1. BinhNguyen

    Hi Eric
    There is a problem with the pdf file, it cant be opened

  2. JuanMera

    I can’t open the transcript in pdf…it says…Error 404 – Page Not Found

  3. Avatar photo

    Hi Eric,
    is there a problem with this Part 2 video? I cannot watch it untill the end. It stops after 16 minutes…

  4. RJ Dial

    Seeing those independent Details reminds me that is another aspect I have yet to find in the digital world after transitioning from vellum 2D. I would think that there would be available from someone “Typical” vector or PDF details that could become the basis for for a standard detail layout sheet. I’ve some some scanning of old favorites, but not as clean looking as digital data. Know any sources or ideas?

    • Eric

      RJ –
      We’ll be looking at Detail Drawings in depth in a later module of the course. It is possible to set up standard sheets of details in ArchiCAD and incorporate them into your template; also you can create one or more files that act as a library for details, either individually or as sheets.
      If you want to adapt someone else’s standard details to suit your context, you can find DWG or PDF collections on the web that you can buy and then import into ArchiCAD. I did a quick Google search and found http://www.autocaddetails.net/ – which for $99 offers over 9,000 pre-made, editable detail drawings.

  5. Marek Stoklosa

    I got the Master Template from you and begun diving into it. Your suggestions for a start up simple template makes sense too. I do value your lectures since I am transitioning from another program and see the power of AC while jumping both feet on a pending Project.

  6. James Satzinger

    I have a pln file structure that I like and keep refining, but have not created a template from my structure, so now I will. I have been missing out on the clone folder advantages and would like to see how they are used in the template. Maybe it will appear in the next segment.
    Jim S