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Enounce MySpeed

Take Control of Your Time With MySpeed

I’ve discovered a great tool for making the most of my time watching online videos such as those in the Best Practices Course. MySpeed is a product that allows you to speed up videos to save time, or slow them down to be able to absorb difficult sections more easily. I’m using it myself a lot these days.

Zip through Videos – 20% faster, 50% faster, up to 5 times faster!

You can zip through Flash-based videos online like software training, school courses, YouTube, news and sports video sites and more. Save time and enjoy more with no audio distortion or “chipmunking.” Lectures, seminars, training and speeches can all be sped up to 5 times faster with perfect clarity.

Slow Things Down If You Need More Time!

You can also slow things down to learn or take notes. View as slow as 3 times slower than original speed for foreign language learning, complex technical, medical, financial or legal material. Everything is easier to digest, comprehend, remember and take notes when you set a playback speed that’s right for you!

Try Out Enounce MySpeed – Free Trial!

The link above will take you to their website where you can sign up for a free trial and use MySpeed for 7 days to see how it works. There are two versions – a basic one for about $30 that works whenever you’re browsing the web, and a higher end version that allows you to use it for downloaded video files that’s about $100.

I personally got the Premier version so I could use is on all Flash-based video, regardless of whether it’s online or a file on my computer. I’m using it all the time, and love how much time it saves me!

Disclosure: These links are set up so I will earn a small percentage if you decide to buy a license of MySpeed. You pay the same price for this great product that will speed up your learning, so we both win!