Simplify Your Life

In The 7 Keys to Best Practices for ArchiCAD, I gave you a 45 minute overview of my Best Practices Method. In Quick Change, I shared a quick tip that could save you hours of work. If you haven't already watched these videos, click on the navigation links above left and check them out when you get a chance.

Today I'm going to help you simplify one part of ArchiCAD that you probably use quite frequently - the popup layer palette in the Info Box. In this 6 minute video, I'll show you how to use one of the Options menu > Work Environment options to Hide Locked Layers in Popup Palettes, and give yourself the gift of a much shorter, less confusing layer menu to work with.

There is an extra trick shown in this video too, that will help you quickly take care of locking all the hidden layers, which is essential for this Work Environment setting to do any good.

The video is about 6 minutes long, and you can learn this method instantly and use it right away – it’s that easy. Please watch it, then TRY IT OUT and share your comments below!

When you’ve completed watching the video, try it out while it’s still fresh in your mind. You’re going to love this! It will make your layer palette much easier to navigate.

I love going beyond telling you “what this checkbox does.” That is what you can find in the ArchiCAD Help or Reference materials, and it isn’t enough to help you be successful.

Here is why you should check this box, and what else you need to do in order to make this work.

I want you to do things the right way rather than the long way around.
The Best Practices Method.

Please share your experiences and thoughts in the Comments section below. I look forward to reading what you’ve got to say!