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March Madness – ArchiCAD Training Opportunity

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The Story Behind My Free ArchiCAD Tutorials

Why create these ArchiCAD tutorials? Two reasons.

I want to give to the ArchiCAD community, since I love the product and really care about architects and designers like you.

Plus, it gives you a taste of my Best Practices Course. When you learn how to do things more easily in ArchiCAD, you start to discover the secret: good training leads to best practices, and ultimately greater success than you ever imagined.

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The Best Practices Course is based on the seven key principles I’ve identified that make the biggest difference for how effective an ArchiCAD user can be. It is delivered using state of the art video technology, with each lesson being a “bite-size” piece similar to these tutorials you’ve watched.

If you’re a beginner, the QuickStart Course (included in Best Practices, or available separately) will get you up and running quickly, immediately feeling comfortable with ArchiCAD and doing things the right way.

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Chris-Ellis-retouched-180Christopher Ellis is a building designer and art gallery owner in scenic Cape Cod on the Massachusetts coast. He does remodels and new home projects for local clients, and also works as a consultant and drafter for architects in the area.

I interviewed Chris recently, and he told me that he has remained busy and profitable even in a tough economy by improving his skills and providing better services. He aims to becoming “invaluable” – doing work that exceeds expectations.

Two ways that Chris achieves exceptional results are in his fast turnaround, and his beautifully detailed 3D models.

Chris has reduced the time spent setting up a new project by at least 20% by using some of my Best Practices methods such as a standardized new project folder, a well-developed template, and using the Favorites palette extensively. He says taking the time to set up an efficient project startup system is “worth its weight in gold.”

Exploring a Design Concept in 3D with the client:

Chris told me: “One of the main benefits of the Best Practices Course to me personally is the confidence I’ve gained in the vast benefits of doing it in 3D. Building it ‘right’ in 3D makes line work editing almost extinct.

Lately, I have been encouraging my clients to sit with me immediately and work through a design from its beginnings. We sit together and fearlessly approach solutions from various angles, demonstrating how a theory might work, and then picking it apart and improving it from a livability viewpoint.

The ability to ‘see’ the solution unfold and be fleshed out from multiple different viewpoints educates my clients on all levels: the choices they have and the power that we have together to make the very best decisions for their lifestyle.

After going through the Best Practices Course lessons and watching you explore answers to questions fearlessly in the coaching calls, I now have the confidence to work in real time with onlookers. They see the entire process – with a few warts – and they see the power they NOW have to visualize. Their instincts can kick in and the satisfaction in ‘their’ design escalates exponentially. The fact that this can happen in the comfort of their own home and be visible and printed immediately is huge.”

Chris shared with me that he’s winning most of the projects he gets the opportunity to bid on these days. Clients know he will design to meet their needs, and they’ll be able to explore the 3D model to understand and experience the virtual building.

“The Best Practices Course is the best thing I’ve ever done… It has been literally life changing.”

Chris sent me an email, telling me how he’s benefited from the course:

“Investing in the Best Practices Course is the best thing I’ve ever done for my knowledge and career in architectural design.

I’ve spent many $$$ in ArchiCAD dealer training – but the commute time and expenses are high – the sessions are too long and intense for maximum benefit – fatigue sets in.

The Best Practices Course works much better: it’s posted online – convenient, view when you want, repeat videos at will to clarify procedures.

The coaching calls are great – wonderful nuggets abound! You post your questions and find that many others may share your same questions = virtually personal attention. I really enjoy your fearlessly exploratory style as you work through various solutions to a problem. You make it seem as though anything is possible.

It is a pleasure to be taking your course. It has been literally life changing.”

March Madness – ArchiCAD Training Opportunity
  • Watch your inbox for a VERY special, limited time sale on all my training courses this week.
  • This is a deal I’ve NEVER offered before.

Not on my list? Use the opt-in form below so you don’t miss out on this absolutely INCREDIBLE opportunity coming in the next couple of days!

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“This course provides much more than it’s advertised to do. The material is presented in an progressively organized and very thorough manner. The chunks of information are just the right size to incorporate into a busy practice. Well worth the investment in time and money.”
R. Bruce Germond, Rhinelander WI
“I am making my way through the QuickStart Course and could not be happier with your lessons.  They are very easy to follow and I truly feel as though I am understanding the program. After a weekend with QuickStart, I was able to effectively work in ArchiCAD on real projects!”
Elizabeth Kahn, Haddon Township, New Jersey
“Getting ArchiCAD out of the box was exciting – you can launch straight into modeling, you can do the online tutorials. However, I would have saved a lot of time if there had been a clear and concise tutorial like yours on the best practices and the overriding principles of ArchiCAD, to put some better order into things.”
Greg Butler, Australia
“Eric is a master teacher of ArchiCAD. I’ve taken several of his courses because he clearly explains effective techniques for using this powerful program in daily architectural practice. Even though I’ve used ArchiCAD for years, he opens doors to new methods and areas that speed up and improve my work.”
Catherine Roha, Berkeley CA
“I appreciate your ability to bridge the gap between computer programmer and architect. Your Best Practices course helps give clear insight on how to have this program work for us as opposed to us working for the program. Thanks again.”
Chris Sorensen, Los Angeles CA
“The Best Practices Course helps me 360 degrees. I came back to ArchiCAD (I was using Revit and AutoCAD) because there is this Best Practice course to help me get around with confidence this very smart software. I want to thank you for helping me in so many ways to make this day possible for me. Today, I’m a proud owner of ArchiCAD with subscriptions for the next 3 years! I haven’t been this exhilarated since I ziplined 100 km/hr!”
Lilian Seow, Vancouver Canada
“The 7 keys concept is terrific. It reduces a very comprehensive, and complex, software program into logical (understandable) steps. I particularly like the ability to replay the videos. Every time I re-do them I learn a bit more, and find things that did not actually register in previous sessions; this Sesame Street approach is, for me, helpful.”
Earl Applegate, North Carolina
“The Best Practices Course is constantly answering questions & providing insight which increases my efficiency. I can now complete a 5 day job for a new simple dwelling in about three and half days.”
Stephen Gerard Kelly, Benalla, Australia
“The Best Practices Course is a well of knowledge for an Architect to streamline the design work. Learning the software and approaches to it presented by Eric Bobrow is fun and something I look forward to every week. Fantastic job Eric! My practice is getting a great boost in productivity.”
Marek Stoklosa, Pleasanton CA
“I want to say thank you for your wonderful tutorials. I’m working through the Best Practices Course now. I’ve been an Autocad user for the last 18 years and I just made the leap to Archicad a few months ago. Thanks to your videos, I was up and running immediately.”
Chandra Hartman, Santa Rosa Beach FL
“At first I hoped that the course will be good, and thought that it would be a good way to improve my skills using ArchiCAD. So simple, but what I never expected was that it would be so extraordinary. It has overwhelmed me. Now I’m really efficient in my daily job. I can do things with better quality and what is even better: 40% faster!”
Antonio Tort, Lugo Spain
“The Best Practices Course is exactly what ArchiCAD users needed to have years ago.”
Takis Apostolides, Cyprus

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  1. Bo McNabb
    8 years ago

    Trying to make the switch from Revit.

    • Eric Bobrow
      8 years ago

      Bo –
      Good move!
      I’ve helped many a recovering Revit user to become comfortable and productive with ArchiCAD. They’ve never looked back…

  2. Elton Anderson
    8 years ago

    The Christopher Ellis stories and visuals attached intrigue me greatly. I’d love to do those things. Lillian Seow also has a great story. I am using the Master Template, but with mediocre success. Does it update to 16 automatically or do we have to order it new? I may want to hire you to set up my next project and create a template. I’ll contact you later. Thanks!

    • Eric Bobrow
      8 years ago

      Hi Elton –

      Thanks for posting your comment here. I can see that in addition to owning MasterTemplate, you signed last year up for my FastTrack Course, which is a small part of the comprehensive Best Practices Course. Have you gone through those lessons? They will help you move around in the project more quickly.

      The full Best Practices Course will take you much further than just the FastTrack lessons. You will also appreciate the guidance I give in the Coaching Program (included in Best Practices enrollment). Chris Ellis has told me that the coaching sessions have made a huge difference.

      Re MasterTemplate, did you watch the training videos – there are several hours of guidance that will help you understand how to take best advantage of the template and everything that is packed in there.

      You can upgrade MasterTemplate yourself from one version to another. We offer an upgraded version each time for a small fee ($95, or less during the introductory period), to save you some of the effort. We also put in some new features each time.

      I am available to help you set up your next project, and adapt MasterTemplate to suit your office as well as possible. As always, getting an expert to help on a consulting basis costs some money, but will get you guaranteed results and save you time and stress.