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Year-End-Message-cropped-largerIn my video training series The 7 Keys to Best Practices for ArchiCAD, I gave you a 45 minute overview of my Best Practices Method. If you haven't already watched these three videos, click on the 7 KEYS navigation link above left and check them out when you get a chance. You'll learn seven key principles that will help you get the most out of ArchiCAD.

On this page I'm offering you one of my most popular and powerful ArchiCAD Video Tips, a quick lesson that may save you hours of time. In this 5 minute video (which you'll find lower down on this page), I'll show you how to quickly set the ID’s for windows or doors so that they show up in a schedule properly.

Beverly Kenville, an ArchiCAD user in northern California, watched this video last fall. She tried this technique on a project with a total of 99 windows and doors, and renumbered them in just a few minutes.
She wrote to thank me, and exclaimed that before she learned this method the task would have taken a couple of hours!

Read how Beverly has transformed her practice using Best Practices methods.
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In the 5 minute video below:

  • I show how the ID can be set in the Window or Door Settings dialog box in the Listing and Labeling section near the bottom.
  • I demonstrate a faster way to do this using the Info box. However the default placement for the ID in the Info box is awkwardly-placed at the extreme right, requiring scrolling. You can make this easier by changing the placement of the ID in the Info Box for Windows or Doors by using the Options menu > Work Environment > Info Box dialog.
  • Finally, I share with you an even faster method to change the ID's for a whole batch at one time using the Document menu > Schedules and Lists > Element ID Manager… dialog. You can select multiple windows (or doors, etc.) in the order you want them numbered, confirm the labeling style and the starting number, and ArchiCAD will set them instantly into sequence! Voila!

The video is less than 5 minutes long, and you can learn this method instantly and use it right away – it’s that easy. Please watch it and then TRY IT OUT and share your comments below!

When you’ve completed watching the video, here’s what I’d like you to do. Open up a project in ArchiCAD. It’s ideal to pick one that you’re working on that you haven’t done the ID numbering for doors or windows. However, you can play around with any project just to see how this works; you can always close the project without saving if you don’t want to change anything.

Use this Best Practices Method for changing the Window IDs or Door IDs as I demonstrated in the video. See how long it takes you to set the ID for 10, 20 or 50 at a time. If you haven’t been using this ArchiCAD “power tool” then you’re going to be totally amazed how much time it will save you!

This is an example of doing things the “right way” rather than the “long way around.” The Best Practices Method.

While it’s still fresh in your mind, please take a few minutes to try this out, then share your experiences in the Comments section below.


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    Very good video, I learnt. Thanks a lot.

    • Shan Yan –
      I’m so glad to know that you learned something useful.
      Try it out and let me know how well it works for you.

  2. Bharti

    Great Tip,, Thanks

    • Bharti –
      I’m glad you enjoyed this video and found it useful.
      Let me know how it goes once you try it out.

  3. Y

    Thank you Eric. You are very kind.

    • Thank you Y –
      I appreciate that you took the time to post your comment!