The Best Practices Course by Eric Bobrow comprises training videos and other materials accessed from within the member area of the course website, as well as on officially produced DVD disks.

After payment of a standard registration fee as posted on the course website or quoted individually by Eric Bobrow, each course member may watch the training videos and/or download them to a personal computer, tablet or other device. When a company pays for the registration fee, the materials may be accessed by all staff members of the organization.

Files that are downloaded from the course website may be placed on any computer or device personally owned by the course member or staff member, for use in an office, home or other location. These files may not be shared or copied onto another person’s computer or device, or posted or uploaded in a way that grants unauthorized access to others.


Students and staff at a school that has registered for the course may access the materials on campus or local network in a library, classroom or other similar location. The school registration does not grant a license for students or staff to download or copy the videos and other materials to their own personal laptop or other computer.

Students and staff may register for personal access to the Best Practices Course website for a reduced fee (as posted or quoted), either individually or as part of a bulk order through the institution. Students and staff who register for the course may login to the website from their home or other location, may download and retain copies of the course materials for their own personal use, and/or order the DVD disk set through the course website.


The Best Practices Course materials are copyright Eric Bobrow, and all intellectual property rights are reserved. Except as noted above, training materials may not be reproduced or made available through the internet or any other means.

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