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ArchiCAD Training | SiteModel CourseThe Site Design and Terrain Modeling ArchiCAD training course is a series of easy to follow video lessons that will teach you how to design a site and model the terrain for your project.

You’ll learn how to work with both printed survey drawings (entering metes and bounds manually based on survey data) as well as with DWG and PDF survey files (using them as a trace reference to input your site).

I’ll teach you how to create a mesh-based topography model following the contour lines, as well as how to regrade the terrain and calculate cut and fill volumes.

More advanced sections cover the creation of roads, paths and paved areas, using both Solid Element Operations and Boolean subtraction.

Eric Bobrow, ArchiCAD Master Trainer

Eric Bobrow, ArchiCAD Master Trainer

When you learn these methods, refined over my 22 years of using and teaching ArchiCAD, you’ll be able to develop a site model quickly and accurately. You’ll avoid the common problem of creating meshes with too many polygons, which can slow down your 3D window as well as the generation of section and elevation windows, and sometimes can cause corruption of your model.

You’ll learn the optimum methods and techniques for modeling sites quickly, drafting them precisely and producing high quality results for visualization and design analysis ArchiCAD.

The Site Design and Terrain Modeling Course is a carefully-crafted selection of 6 easy to follow yet very effective lessons from my popular Best Practices Course. You’ll get access to 3.5 hours of videos you can watch any time you wish in your web browser, as many times as you like. You can even download them to your computer for permanent reference and offline access.

This NEW course will sell for $97, but as a special introductory offer, you can sign up today and get instant access for only $47.

Designed for experienced ArchiCAD users to improve their work in this area, the Site Design and Terrain Modeling Course is also accessible for newer users since it builds from basic Best Practices principles in a logical and progressive manner.

I’m so excited about offering this new training course that I want you to have it for half-price – only $47 – during our introductory sale.

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I love to help ArchiCAD users work faster and better. It’s my passion and my calling. You’ve most likely seen my free ArchiCAD tutorials – with over 900,000 views on my YouTube channel as of June 2013, I’ve become the most prominent ArchiCAD trainer in the world. (After 23+ years working with ArchiCAD and teaching users how to succeed with the software, I’m now an overnight success…)

I guarantee that after you take this course, you will be able to create your site model more quickly, accurately and easily in ArchiCAD than ever before! If you’ve struggled with the mesh tool, you’ll find this a great relief. If you frequently need to create site models, this is going to save you time and make sure you can get the job done cleanly with a minimum of effort.

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ArchiCAD Training – Site Design and Terrain Modeling
Course Outline

3.5 hours of easy to follow ArchiCAD video training lessons that will make developing a site model really straightforward, for any size project!

Watch these lessons in your web browser, or download to your computer for permanent reference.

Lesson 1

Introduction to Site Modeling:
DWG Import and Working with the Mesh Tool

This 49 minute introduction to site modeling covers the import of a DWG file to proper scale, which is placed into an independent worksheet that is used as a Trace Reference for building a terrain using the Mesh tool. This is done in the context of a previously-modeled building, with elevation information coordinated based on a sea level datum reference. Some site improvements are added including both hardscape and landscape elements.

Lesson 2

Drafting the Property Lines based on a Paper or PDF Survey Drawing

This 26 minute lesson shows you how to draft the property lines based on a property survey document, either on paper or as a PDF. The use of metes and bounds with survey bearings (degrees, minutes and seconds based on the North orientation) is demonstrated.

Lesson 3

Placing a PDF Survey Drawing to Scale, Setting North Orientation

This lesson continues from the previous one. It is a 15 minute video showing how to import a survey PDF file and scale and orient it properly.

Lesson 4

Advanced Site Creation:
Level Dimensions, Regrading, Cut and Fill Calculations

Lesson 4 starts by creating a Mesh-based site topography model following the contour lines. Regrading the terrain and calculating cut and fill is also covered in this 46 minute lesson.

Lesson 5

Advanced Site Creation:
Working with Roads, Paths and Paved Areas

Part 5 is a 42 minute lesson that continues from the previous section. It shows more advanced site modeling methods particularly useful for roads, paths and paved areas. Some use Solid Element Operations and others require Boolean subtraction of the mesh boundary.

Lesson 6

Case Study:
Additional Techniques for Drafting Property Lines

Part 6 is a 33 minute case study showing how to work with property surveys that include multiple arc boundary lines. All the steps are demonstrated, including resizing the PDF to scale and determining the North angle for the project based on the survey.

The SiteModel course covers all versions from ArchiCAD 10 through 17 plus the Start Edition, and is conducted using both imperial and metric systems.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced user, the SiteModel ArchiCAD training course will help you draft site plans and build terrain models quickly and easily while maintaining control and improving quality.

The video lessons are available for viewing any time in your web browser, and may be downloaded to your computer for offline access. An optional DVD with all the videos is available for an additional $19 including shipping anywhere in the world.

The SiteModel Course by Eric Bobrow
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Our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

The SiteModel Course is offered with a complete, no-questions asked 90 day money back guarantee. If you decide after watching some or all of the video lessons that this isn’t for you, that you haven’t improved your speed and efficiency in your work with ArchiCAD, simply send us an email and you’ll get your money back promptly and courteously.
“I have been refreshing my ArchiCAD skills after having to use another CAD program for the last couple of years. The QuickStart course, along with the Best Practices course, has made this painless, and is taking me to a skill level that I have longed for for many years.

I only wish these had been available when I first began using ArchiCAD – they would have saved me a lot of time and helped me avoid many long and frustrating nights trying to figure out the program from the manual. Thank you Eric!”

John Dunham, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

NEW COURSE: Special Limited Time Introductory Pricing Offer

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“… one day while searching the Web for lessons I stumbled onto this fellow called Eric Bobrow. Well this would have to be the best money I ever spent. I believe Eric’s course should be the tutorial that is supplied with ArchiCAD. The lessons are fun and very easy to understand and if you don’t quite understand something you just fire off an email to Eric and within no more than an hour you have your own personal answer direct from the guru himself.

I would recommend this course and Eric Bobrow to any user whether novice or veteran as it is the best reference going.”

Tony Warburton, Hamilton, Victoria, Australia


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