[September 7, 2011] The latest QuickStart Course lesson – Details and Worksheets

[September 7, 2011] The latest QuickStart Course lesson – Details and Worksheets

The latest QuickStart Course lesson:Details and Worksheets

I’ve completed work on one more QuickStart Course lesson dealing with two essential components of construction documents. This 32 minute video focuses on creating Detail drawings and Worksheets.

As usual, this QuickStart lesson is intended for newer users, but will still be of interest to veterans since I include various tips and shortcuts.

Here are some member comments from the last set of QuickStart Course lessons that were posted a few days ago:

  •     I subscribe to a MES program with an ArchiCAD retailer, their classroom training programme is very good. However, this is by far the most comprehensive training I ever had in ArchiCAD. Best value for money, best presentation, giving an enthusiastic dimension to training videos. This Quick start course is helping me consolidate my basic knowledge of ArchiCAD.

I wish I had invested into the Best Practice course earlier. — Juliano Mandinga

  •     Lessons 5-3 to 5-5 was exactly what I was waiting for – thank you, this explains all!

— Lennox P. Archibald

Please add your comments and questions on the lesson pages – I’m always very happy to read them and respond.


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